Put Your Tax Refund to Work

Put Your Tax Refund to Work

Rosana Riveros & Arnaldo Paulino, Palm Beach, FL Maid Right Owners

While many of us use tax refunds to buy a new TV or even put a down payment on a car, Rosana Riveros & Arnaldo Paulino decided to use their amended tax return Rosana received after becoming a citizen in January, 2015 to start their own Maid Right Franchise. They decided to invest their IRS Tax Refund in March to start a Maid Right cleaning franchise in Palm Beach, Florida.

The couple was looking for a business they could work in together that would give them more flexibility over their schedules. “Last year, Arnaldo became sick and was in and out of the hospital 10 times throughout the course of the year, causing him to lose two great jobs where he was excelling,” Rosana Riveros says, “With Maid Right we have much more control over our schedules and this allows us to spend more time as a family.”

Knowing that her citizenship would lead to great opportunities, Rosana Riveros took the necessary steps to receive her citizenship. She was able to take the funds from the return and purchase a Maid Right unit franchise at the end of March, giving the couple the opportunity to be business owners in the community.

Rosana explains, “We had worked in cleaning businesses and know what is needed to provide exceptional services. We believe Maid Right is superior to the competing maid concepts for several key reasons. Maid Right uses hospital grade disinfectants, HEPA backpack vacuums, color coded microfiber, EnviroShield® and an impressive cleaning process. In addition they do the sales and marketing to bring in new clients. They also have operational support assisting us with every area of the business. As owner operators, we can control our schedule unlike with other franchise concepts.“

“We paid $1,600 upfront for the initial equipment package. We also paid for the initial franchise fee and the Palm Beach Master Owner provided us with financing over a 24- month period, ”says Arnaldo Paulino. With the refund check they had enough monies to pay the down payment to get started.

If you wish to be your own boss, a Maid Right residential cleaning franchise can be a perfect answer. For more information, see Maid Right franchising.