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What Moms Want Most: MORE “ME TIME”

What Moms Want Most: MORE “ME TIME”

What would Mom like the most this Mother’s Day? Jewelry, clothes, or a spa day seem like good choices, but studies show the most coveted Mother’s Day gift is something money can’t buy – time.

A Pew Research Center report concludes that most working mothers – 62 percent – say that they would prefer to work part time and only 37 percent say they prefer full-time work. And yet, the constant juggle to get everything done in a day can be overwhelming, leaving moms feeling like there’s not enough time to enjoy being a mom. Moms must balance their work and home responsibilities in a way that doesn’t leave them drained. Often the duties of family eat up the hours in the day in advance of any “me time.”

So as we prepare to honor our mothers and the influence of mothers in society, let’s put them at the center of the equation. Let’s thank our moms for all they’ve done for us, including attending all our school plays and academic fairs, giving us advice and cleaning up after us all those years. Why not give them more time and a clean house – ALL AT ONCE – with the gift of Maid Right house cleaning?

A 2014 British study concluded that mothers gets just 17 minutes of “me time” to themselves each day… and STILL take on the lion’s share of the chores. The hectic lifestyles of mothers emerged in the study and found a frazzled 51 percent regularly go whole weeks without even a single minute relaxing on their own. With so many duties and such little time, we ask the question: what is your “free time/me time” worth?

All aspects of motherhood may not be glamorous, but there’s nothing more beautiful than a refreshed, rejuvenated and reinvigorated mom who feels loved and appreciated. By putting her sanity – and the family’s health and lifestyle – first, you’ll quickly realize that leaving housecleaning, another not-so-glamorous job, to the professionals, will treat mom to everything she wants this Mother’s Day and beyond. Factors to consider:

• Does mom have the time needed to complete the cleaning she needs done?
• Does mom routinely enjoy the benefit of a clean house all at once, or must she piecemeal cleaning chores throughout the course of a week?
• Does the gift of time outweigh the cost of hiring a professional?
• Do you own the right tools and products to get the job done properly?
• Would your mom benefit from focusing on her family or the furniture and fixtures?

Once you put the prospects of cleaning into the right perspective, the answer is as clear as freshly squeegeed windows. This Mother’s Day forget the flowers – they will wither; pass on the spa day – the suds will fizzle; overlook the new outfit – it will go out of style. This year invest in your mom’s schedule, sanity and satisfaction. Give Mom the gift of time and a home she can be proud to show off to guests.