Make Your Last Summer Vacation a Staycation

Make Your Last Summer Vacation a Staycation

If you’d like to fit in one last summer trip before Labor Day, but time or the budget won’t allow it, or you’d prefer a vacation without all of the packing and planning that can leave you needing  a post-vacation vacation, how about a staycation?  A staycation means you can enjoy relaxing time away from the daily grind while sticking close to home.  But sticking close to home doesn’t  mean staying in to clean your home.  Let Maid Right take care of the house cleaning while you go out and discover what your area has to offer.

Here are some staycation ideas and destinations you might light to check out.

  • Museums. Art, history, music, science, sports, your name it. You’re likely to find a museum that suits your interests within hours or – or less – of your home.  If you are bringing along children, check your area for a children’s museum. Most have so many fun activities that your children won’t even notice they are educational.
  • Planetariums. What can be more relaxing than star gazing? If your area doesn’t have a planetarium, pick a clear night and take your family to an area away from the street lights. Watch for shooting stars or see if you can identify constellations. Better yet, just enjoy.
  • Zoos and aquariums. Whether aquatic or exotic, animals are a favorite with children and adults alike. Visit an aquarium to take an up-close look at marine life, or see real-life lions, tigers and bears (as well as monkeys, giraffes and zebras) at your local zoo.
  • Water, water everywhere.  Even if you’re hundreds of miles from the nearest sandy beach, you can still enjoy the water almost anywhere you live. Hike to the top of waterfall, experience the thrill of whitewater rafting, go fishing or just relax on a quite lake, or spend a fun day at a water park or wave pool. The options are almost endless.
  • Tourist traps. Is your town (or one nearby) home to the world’s tallest incline, longest bridge, busiest mall or biggest ball of paint (really!), a U.S. president’s birthplace, an upside down building or a restaurant made famous by a popular TV show, play tourist and make a visit. Be sure to take lots of photos and pick out a souvenir to remember your time there.

By taking a staycation you can build vacation memories with your family by day and still sleep in your own bed at night. Trust Maid Right to take care of the housework so you can get out and enjoy the final days of summer with the assurance you’ll come home to a clean home.