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Pet Clean Ups

Pet Clean Ups

Pets can be messy, with muddy feet, shedding hair and of course the occasional – or not so occasional – potty accident.  Whether you are house training a new puppy or have an older cat or dog that can’t always control its bladder, accidents happen. And when they do, quick action can prevent lingering stains or smells.

The best action to take for pet accidents depends on the type of accident – urine, poop or vomit – and the location. Here’s a quick guide to what to do immediately when accidents happen. Maid Right can take care of the rest.

Urine. Dog and cat urine can quickly penetrate carpets, flooring and even woodwork. Even if you can’t smell it at first, your pet can and will likely use the same spot again unless you remove the source of the odor.  If you notice a wet spot (or see your pet in the act), work on it right away by blotting up as much liquid as you can with dry paper towels. If you notice a smell, but don’t see a spot, try using a black light – it will illuminate urine spots.

If a spot is on a rug or carpet that you can lift, use paper towels to soak up liquid from the underneath side as well.  This will help keep urine from penetrating padding and underlying flooring.

When you have soaked up all you can with paper towels, use a spray bottle of clean cool water to saturate the spot and repeat the blotting process with more clean paper towels. Repeat until the liquid absorbed by the paper towels is clear. (Avoid steam cleaning the area as heat can set stains and odors by biding proteins to carpet fibers). The final step is to clean the area with an enzymatic cleaner, following the directions on the package.  Enzymatic cleaners, which target the source of the odor instead of masking it, are available at most pet stores or in the pet section of grocery and discount stores.

If the accident is on a wood floor, wipe it up as soon as possible and clean with an enzymatic cleaner that is safe for wood floors. The packaging will state that.

Dog Poop.  Remove any solid waste as soon as you notice it.  Pick up (or wipe up) all you can with a paper towel and quickly place in a plastic bag to hold down smell and germs.  On a hard floor, wipe the area clean with an enzymatic or disinfectant cleaner. On a carpeted floor, if the area appears clean, simply spray the area of the carpet with an enzymatic cleaner.

If there is residue on the carpet, spray with clean, cool clear water, and blot the area with clean paper towels until the residue is gone. Follow up with an enzymatic cleaner, following the instructions on the label.

Quick action on your part is the first step to keeping a clean home when you have pets. Maid Right can do the rest. You can trust Maid Right’s exclusive EnviroShield ® disinfecting system to eliminate the germs that cause odors and keep your house clean and clean-smelling for your entire family, including the four-legged members.