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Phoenix Franchise Owner Enjoys Flexibility

Phoenix Franchise Owner Enjoys Flexibility

Priscilla Yustinich, a 34-year old mother of four in North Phoenix, started a part-time franchise with Maid Right to get control of her schedule and to have a steady income. She wanted the freedom to do what she wanted to do with her kids.

She started out by herself and has grown the business so that today she has three other ladies working for her with plans to add two more.  She explains that the “snow birds” are returning to the Phoenix area so that things have picked up for her and her team of cleaners since October.

Pricilla and her crew clean 45 homes each month with most of her customers every other week.  They work Monday through Thursday so they have an extra day on Friday to get other things done.  This allows them to take care of doctor’s visits and special conferences at school on that day.  She says it’s great knowing that she can keep three other ladies working and have new customers coming on board all the time.

Being a Maid Right owner has given her the flexibility to spend time with her children at ball games, plays and school events. She says, “With four children in sports and school activities, it’s made a huge difference being able to be home when I need to be to take care of my children.  A few years ago I was working all the time.  Now I’m able to take part in a lot of their events.  It’s helped my children since I have more time to spend with them.”

As an entrepreneur who started a cake baking business prior to Maid Right, Priscilla has gained experience working in several jobs including as a supervisor in a medical office in the past.  She has learned about managing others with her Maid Right franchise.  She says her husband has been very supportive and serves as her “go to” person and mentor.

Priscilla explains, “I enjoy the freedom of not working for someone else.  Life happens. So I stress to my cleaning crews that they need to let me know if they need to be off.  I let them know how much I appreciate them and the work that they do.  They have a positive attitude going into a home so they can help turn a client around who may be having a bad day.”

Maid Right provided training and a manual about everything she needed to do.  She can call the operations team back at the office to get any additional information she may need.  She keeps the schedules on her tablet along with notes on appointments and any special requests

Priscilla prides herself on making certain that every home is spotless and every customer is happy.  She has developed personal relationships with her clients, many of whom are elderly. She’s happy to take care of special requests like changing the air vents or light bulbs. Her biggest challenge is booking clients that are in the same neighborhoods since her territory covers such a large geographic area.

Being a Maid Right owner has given her better flexibility to connect with customers and spend more quality time with her family.  Priscilla explains, “Maid Right allows me the freedom to have it all.  I have a constant source of income, but I’m able to take vacations and take time off.”