5 Backyard Activities to Enjoy at Home

5 Backyard Activities to Enjoy at Home

Even if your summer plans don’t call for travel, there is still plenty of fun to be had right in your own backyard.  When July and August temperatures are at their highest, have your family help you plan meals with foods best eaten cold — chicken or egg salads, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, tomatoes,  jello,  vegetable or  fruit salads,  ham or turkey with iced tea or cold milk to drink. For dessert add ice cream or fruit popsicles.

Here are 5 ways to keep your kids and their friends entertained without having to leave home between now and Labor Day.

  1. Plant a container garden – Got a container? You can plant a garden. Almost any kind of container – whether a pretty pot, a decorated coffee can or an old boot – will work. Here’s how: drill a few holes in the bottom of your container for drainage and cover the bottom with pebbles or gravel. Add potting soil and then three plants.  (Herbs work well for small indoor gardens.) Place your tallest plant in the middle of your container, a sprawling plant around the sides and a third plant to fill the space in between.  Place in windowsill or other sunny spot and water regularly.  Tip: If you stick your finger an inch into the soil and it comes out dry, it’s time to water.
  2. Let the games begin. Have a kid-sized Olympics-type completion in your yard, complete with foot races, tumbling contests, and beach ball volley (see who can keep it from touching the ground the longest) , or set up  favorite board games and invite friends over to a challenge.
  3. Plan a treasure hunt. Try a variation on a favorite Easter activity. Hide coins in the brightly colored eggs around the yard and send kids out to hunt for them.  (Just remember where you hid them just in case!) Afterwards, plan a trip to the dollar store and let them shop with their findings.
  4. Dress up your footwear. Set up a card table on your patio.  Drape it with an old shower curtain and pull out the acrylic paint.  Have some kicks with your kicks by painting colorful designs on old canvas sneakers or use a hot glue gun to add embellishments – buttons, bows, gemstones – to sneakers or flip flops.
  5. Give tie dye a try. Nothing feels like summer like tie-dyed T-shirts, and new kits that come with complete with bottled dyes, rubber bands and  even rubber gloves (so your hands don’t get dyed in the process) make it simple.  For kids, see what else you have around the house that you can dye.  Knit shorts, underwear, white cotton socks, and even old jeans – especially light colored ones – work well.

Let Maid Right handle the cleaning chores so you can enjoy other activities. Scrubbing and vacuuming are almost no one’s idea of fun summer projects.  Leave your summer house cleaning to Maid Right to give yourself more time for the summer activities you and your family enjoy.