Cool Fun for Hot Days

Cool Fun for Hot Days

On hot summer afternoons, nothing cools you off like getting wet. When the heat gets hard to bear, keep your cool by spending the afternoon at the neighborhood pool, taking the kids to the closest water park with fountains or create your own water activities in your backyard.

For little children set up a water table with boats and water toys. It’s educational, too. If the water in your child’s inflatable pool has reached the temperature of bath water, cool it off by dropping in a bag of ice cubes.  By coordinating with your neighbors, you can do the same for your neighborhood pool.   Set up a Slip’N Slide, turn on the sprinkler or use a garden hose to turn the slide on your kids’ play set into a water slide if you live in an area without water restrictions.

Maid Right will keep your home clean while you enjoy this special summer outings with your kids.   Try these ideas to make summer’s heat a little more bearable:

Take to the ice. Ice skating is not just a winter sport.  With an average building temperature of 63 degrees, even in July and August, an ice skating rink is a great place to keep cool. You may even need to bring a jacket!  Skating keeps your kids active and introduces them to a sport they can enjoy year round.

See a matinee. Most movie theaters may be second only to skating rinks for keeping their buildings cool.  Afternoon movies not only allow you to escape the hottest part of the day, but they usually show  more  family- and kid-friendly movies and cost less than nighttime movies. Since they are less crowded, you spend less time standing in line for tickets and have your choice of seats.

Have a cookout.  Food cooked on a grill not only tastes great, but it also spares your kitchen the heat that comes from a heated oven and cook top. As the old saying goes, “if you can’t stand the heat …”

When summer temperatures are sweltering and summer vacation time is winding down, the last way you want to spend your days is cleaning your house. You know you can trust Maid Right to keep your home clean and well protected.