Your Back-To-School To Do List

Your Back-To-School To Do List

Most kids look forward to going back to school with a mixture of excitement and apprehension.  As a parent, you may face the start of school with mixed emotions. You may look forward to a little more quiet around the house or a more predictable weekday routine, but you also know there is a lot you need to do now to prepare. Follow this back-to-school to-do list with some helpful tips to get ready for the big day.

Shop for supplies – wisely.  Most schools’ websites post lists of needed supplies, and many office supply and discount stores post supply lists this time of year.  Take inventory of what you have left from last year – a pencil case, protractor and set of colored pencils, for example – and mark those off your list. Shop early for essentials, because stores tend to sell out of these quickly and you’ll likely pay more for pocket folders and notebook paper at the grocery store.  Some parents recommend waiting until after school starts to buy anything but the basics. You know your child will need pencils, but will the jumbo box of 75 assorted markers really be necessary?

Buy back-to-school clothes.  Almost everyone loves starting the year with new clothes.  For teens and preteens, get a start early and shop for those key essentials you will need to cover the first couple of months.  For younger children and those approaching a growth spurt, you may want to get the basics before Labor Day and pick up other clothes when the weather gets cooler in October and November. Look for back-to-school sales and tax free weekends in some states.

Establish a routine. Waking up at 7 a.m. and catching the bus at 7:30 a.m. can be tough if your child has become accustomed to staying up late and sleeping till noon.  To make the early mornings a little easier, start adjusting your child’s sleep routine a week or two before school starts. Create a soothing bedtime routine for younger kids – give them a bath and read books together. For older kids, set limits on electronics.  Computers and video games close to bedtime can interfere with sleep.  Also, start getting them up earlier – even on the weekend.

Get organized. Designate and prepare a quiet place where your child will do homework – out of sight and ear shot of the TV and Xbox if possible. Store extra paper, pencils and other items your child might need close by.  Go through closets and drawers and collect outgrown school clothes for charity. Create a system of setting out a week full of clean matching items the weekend before. Your child will look put together and neither of you will be delayed on busy mornings figuring out what to wear.

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