When the Kids Move Back Home

When the Kids Move Back Home

Back in 1940 Thomas Wolf famously published the line “we awake to the knowledge that one can never fully go home again.” Nearly eight decades later modern day time and events are proving Wolf’s prediction wrong as college age students and graduates move back home in record numbers.

A recent report published in the Wall Street Journal indicates that up to 18% of all children aged 18-24 are moving back home. The reasons for this are all over our news services. They are either dropping out of college due to rising costs, or graduating and being unable to find opportunities in their chosen careers, or taking under employed opportunities that cannot cover their bills and college loans.

Closer to home, the impact of kids moving back is not lost on their parents either. Having downsized retired or both, the parents of these returning broods were likely not planning on opening up a family B&B again any time soon. Such moves can cause undue strains as all parties learn to adapt to their new living arrangements.

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