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Trim Up Your Home and Your Waistline

Trim Up Your Home and Your Waistline

With short days and cold temperatures, it can be challenging to get enough exercise to stay in shape. If you are snow bound for a day or more, there are many ways to stay active while inside your home.

This can be an ideal time to contact Maid Right to deep clean your home. With a partner to help you with house cleaning an area of the home, it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. You can make a list of the jobs you will handle and what you want your house cleaner to do.

You may want to tackle a room, a closet, a storage bin or your kitchen pantry on your own. Take advantage of being shut in for a day to finish a quick project that will keep you moving, clean up a messy area and give you a real sense of accomplishment.

Closets – Either give away or throw away those never worn or used clothing and household items that clutter your home. In most cities local community closets, non-profit groups and homeless shelters will pick up clothing from your home. If not, you can put them in large garbage bags and drop them off at a nearby Goodwill, Salvation Army or community closet location.
It’s easy to let a closet get out of shape with boxes, shoes and miscellaneous items thrown on the floor and shelves when you are rushing to get to work on time. Start with the floor, and pull everything out, organize it and place it back on the shelf or storage bin where it belongs. Organize your hanging clothes by separating clothes needed for work, play or special occasions with coats and slacks to the side. This makes it easy to find that special outfit quickly.

Kitchen – The kitchen can be maintained by Maid Right house cleaning and special services added to take care of deep cleaning ovens, pantry shelves and refrigerators. However, in between cleaning visits, here are a few clean up jobs to consider:

Refrigerators – The refrigerator is a good example of an area that can use a deep clean once a month. Throw out any items that have expired and wipe the shelves. Start at the top shelf and work your way down to the fresh veggie bins and then wipe the inside and outside of your door.

Pantry – Empty each shelf in the pantry and wipe it clean with a cloth dipped in warm soapy water. Return items to the shelves by category so that you can find them quickly. Place breakfast cereals in plastic storage bins with other breakfast items.

Drawers and Cabinets – Empty each drawer. Use a damp cloth to clean the bottom of the drawer, dry it out and return the items to the Drawer. The same applies to cabinets. Just remove, wipe and replace the items. You may find that seldom used utensils and glasses need to be run through the dishwasher.

Ovens – If you have a self-cleaning oven, just turn it on the night before Maid Right is scheduled to clean your home. All the cleaning crew will need to do is wipe out the oven. If you don’t have a self-cleaning oven, use an oven cleaning spray, but be sure to wear protective plastic eye glasses, gloves and a face mask to avoid the fumes. The racks should be wiped and dried before replacing them.

By staying busy on snow days this winter, you can get your home organized while you burn calories and stay more physically fit yourself. Both your home and your waistline benefit.