Holiday Season Gift-Giving Tips

Holiday Season Gift-Giving Tips

Whether it’s a gift for a co-worker, gifts of appreciation for your child’s teacher, or presents for the onslaught of party invitations that come with the holiday season, it’s good to be prepared.

Start by creating a spot in your house, perhaps a shelf in a bedroom closet, a chest or a drawer to store and organize your gifts and wrapping supplies. Then follow these tips to keep your gift stash well stocked and ready for gift-giving occasions.

Be a smart shopper. Make a list of occasions and people for whom you know you will need gifts (keeping in mind that many, if not most, of your purchases may be for people and even occasions not on your list) and always keep it with you. If you know the tastes and interests of your gift recipient – say your child’s teacher has a penchant for paperweights and the babysitter loves puzzles — buy one when you see it and add it to your stash. If you’re buying for people you barely know, stock up on items like gift cards in small denominations (coffee and bagel shops often work well), note pads (with a monogrammed initials if you know who will be receiving them), books (quotes, inspirational) and toys and books appropriate for both boys and girls the ages of your children (pick these up if you see them on sale).

Shop a year ahead. Take advantage of post-season sales to get good deals for next year. For example, after Labor Day is a great time to stock up on items like pool toys, beach towels, totes and picnic baskets for gift-giving next spring. After Thanksgiving, look for fall floral arrangements, wreaths, football items and fall-themed pads and note cards. After-Christmas sales are perfect for buying holiday items to give at holiday time next year. (But obviously avoid anything edible or dated –no one wants year-old candy or a “Baby’s First Christmas 2015” ornament when their baby is born in 2016,)

Be ready to wrap. Almost every gift needs to be wrapped, so be sure to have simple wrapping supplies ready – tape, scissors, tissue paper, gift tags, bows and of course a variety of gift bags and papers. If you find yourself in a pinch, try wrapping in the Sunday comics, colorful magazine pages, remnants from an old roll of wallpaper, butcher paper, a brown paper lunch bag decorated by your child, or a deflated Mylar balloon (cut to the size and shape you need and use like paper for smaller packages or for small oddly shaped gifts, cut a circle, place gift in the middle, pull up sides and tie with a ribbon).

With a little preparation, gift giving doesn’t have to be a hassle. Neither does cleaning your house when you trust Maid Right to do the job. Give Maid Right a call and give yourself the gift of a clean house all year.