Parents Moving In

Parents Moving In

If you are among the estimated 10 million Americans who care for an elderly family member, usually a parent, you have likely considered moving your loved one in with you. But there are many options for Mom or Dad’s care – assisted living, personal care homes, in-home care givers, for example – and the decision to move them in with you requires careful consideration.

Here are some questions you should consider before making such an important move:

  • Do you have the space? Do you have a private bedroom or suite for your loved one(s)? Will providing one require an addition to the house or displacement of another family member?
  • Will you be available to provide care? If your mom requires help with daily tasks and you work outside the home and/or have a spouse and children who require your attention, will you be able to provide the care she needs?
  • How will you handle finances?  Inviting a loved one to live in your home may involve the expensive proposition of finishing out a basement or adding on a room. At the very least, having another adult in the house will mean more groceries and higher utility bills. Can you afford it? How will your parent(s) share the cost?
  • How does your family feel? Unless you live alone, the arrival of aging parent or other loved one will affect others in the house. If your parent is moving in, will your spouse be resentful? If an in-law is the one moving in, will you be?
  • Does your loved one want to live with you? Some seniors want to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. Others want activities and a social life that a retirement community or assisted living offers.  Even though your mom and dad love you, that doesn’t mean they want to live with you. Have an honest discussion with them to find out what they want.

After careful consideration and, often, compromises, many families make multi-generational living work.  One thing you and your family won’t have to compromise on is a clean house. While everyone in the family should do their share – picking up after themselves and helping with the day-to-day chores – you can trust Maid Right to keep your house clean and fresh, no matter how many people call your house home.