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The Keys to Green Cleaning Services & Products

The Keys to Green Cleaning Services & Products

As a certain Muppet once famously noted, it’s not always easy being green. But these days, it’s becoming easier and easier. As more and more people become focused on a greener, healthier world, consumer options for eco-friendly living are becoming more and more widely available. That’s especially true in house cleaning services, where going green has never been simpler.

But what exactly is green house cleaning? And how can you be sure that your house cleaning products — or those used by your local house cleaning service — are truly eco-friendly?

With this bite-size guide to green house cleaning, you’ll be equipped to make smart, informed decisions about green cleaning services and products for your home.

What Are Green Cleaning Services?

While this might seem like an easy question to answer, different companies have different standards for what constitute green house cleaning services. At bare minimum, green cleaning services reduce the impact of cleaning on the environment. The most eco-friendly cleaning services and products hold themselves to an even higher standard: zero lasting impact on the environment.

You can use the following standards to evaluate green cleaning products and services:

  • EPA Rating. A level IV EPA rating is the most eco-friendly rating a cleaning product can receive.
  • Non-Profit Certification. Environmental non-profits such as Green Seal™ test and certify many cleaning products/services for their eco-friendliness.
  • Truly green cleaning products degrade naturally, leaving no harmful traces.
  • Non-Toxicity. Eco-friendly cleaning services should not use any toxic, harsh, or harmful chemicals (i.e. chlorine bleach or phosphates)

At Maid Right, our house cleaning services meet all of the above standards, making them 100% eco-friendly.

Benefits to Green House Cleaning

There are numerous benefits to going green with your home’s cleaning products and/or services. Simply put, green cleaning leads to a healthier home as well as a healthier world. Some of the top reasons that people choose green cleaning services include:

  • Safer Results. Proper green cleaning leaves no harsh or toxic residues.
  • Kid-Friendly, Pet-Friendly Cleaning. Green cleaning creates a healthier home, of vital importance for families with kids and/or pets.
  • Improved Air Quality. Without harsh fumes — such as those created by chlorine — your home will have healthier air quality.
  • Greener Cleaning for a Greener World. Green house cleaning products create a better world, limiting and preventing damage to your local ecosystem and waterways.

The best part about modern green house cleaning services? These days, many of them deliver the same level of clean as “traditional,” non-eco-friendly methods! In fact, Maid Right has become an American leader in household cleaning, delivering a deeper clean despite using completely green cleaning methods and products.

Maid Right house cleaning services deliver a total clean the greener way. Call us today at (855) 624-3744 to find out how our team can bring professional, eco-friendly cleaning into your home.