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Flu Prevention at Home: Make You House a Flu-Free Zone

Flu Prevention at Home: Make You House a Flu-Free Zone

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans are hospitalized with the flu. During the late fall and early winter months, cases of the flu skyrocket. Vaccination is still the best flu prevention method, and every American should make sure they get their flu shot each year. But beyond your flu shot, there are steps that you can take at home to minimize your risk of getting sick during flu season.

At Maid Right, our home cleaning experts recommend a mix of healthy habits and proper home disinfection to prevent the flu from spreading in your home.

Healthy Flu Prevention Habits

Keeping the flu from spreading in your home often comes down to healthy flu prevention habits. These practices are smart habits to keep up throughout the year, but are essential during November, December, and January, when cold and flu season are a bigger concern.

Some of the best flu prevention habits include:

  • Washing your hands regularly, using soap and water, and scrubbing for at least 15 seconds.
  • Keep hand-sanitizer available to quickly eliminate germs after touching door handles, shaking hands, etc.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, especially if you haven’t washed your hands recently.

If you’re a parent, remember that kids sometimes need extra encouragement to practice these habits. Children are often the most vulnerable to the flu and its effects.

Be Smart About Home Disinfection

Proper disinfection of objects and surfaces around your home is one of the best strategies for at-home flu prevention. At Maid Right, we find that homeowners are increasingly relying on services like EnviroShield® home disinfection to prevent the spread of flu at home.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to household disinfection is which items you’re disinfecting. Most homeowners know to disinfect food prep areas, sinks, faucet handles, and bathroom fixtures. But when it comes to the spread of viruses like the flu, these areas won’t always be your biggest concern.

When disinfecting during cold and flu season, it’s importantly to disinfect the most commonly used and touched items in your home. Cell phones, tablets, TV remotes, computer keyboards, and door handles are just some of the biggest culprits for spreading the flu virus from person to person.

Of course, not all disinfection systems can properly eliminate viruses from all these surfaces, especially uneven surfaces and electronic devices. So, when choosing a disinfection service, be sure to find a family-safe option that can handle these types of concerns.

Make your home a flu-free zone this cold and flu season with help from your local Maid Right. Call (855) 624-3744 today to connect with your local office and find out how EnviroShield® can safely eliminate germs in your home.