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Easy Decluttering Tips from Our House cleaning Experts

Easy Decluttering Tips from Our House cleaning Experts

Decluttering’s a little like homework for adults – you know you should do it, but it’s just so easy to put off. So it’s not too surprising decluttering’s at the top of many Americans’ house cleaning project list.

At Maid Right®, our house cleaning experts know a thing or two about how to tackle the mountains of clutter in your basement, attic, and closets. We spoke with some of our house cleaning pros about their top tips for decluttering, which we’ve collected below.

Tip #1: Break Decluttering & House Cleaning Projects Down into Small Pieces

One of the easiest ways to derail a house cleaning project is to go too big, too fast. Chances are, you won’t declutter your whole home in a weekend. So break the project down and tackle it piece by piece. Dedicate 10 minutes to decluttering each evening. Fill one trash bag with clutter each weekend. Set aside one Saturday or Sunday each month to decluttering one – and only one! – room. After a while, it’ll seem like the clutter is getting rid of itself.

Tip #2: Use the One Year Rule

Having a tough time decided what should stay and what should go? Our house cleaning experts suggest using the One Year Rule. The One Year Rule is simple: Have you used this object in the last 365 days? If not, toss it! While there are exceptions – old photo albums and mementoes are an obvious example – applying this rule to most items will help you whittle down unnecessary junk in record time.

Tip #3: Clutter-Proof Your Home

Our house cleaning experts say that some homeowners find they need to declutter almost as often as they need to dust! But there are ways that you can cut down on clutter build up. Swimming in papers? Create a simple filing system. Addicted to knick-knacks and impulse buys? Institute a one-month waiting period for all non-essential purchases. Is your garage a mish-mash of snowsuits and slip-n-slides? Buy bins and shelving and organize seasonal items.

Tip #4: Ask the Right Questions

Sometimes, successful house cleaning simply takes the right mindset. One great decluttering exercise is to ask yourself, “If I lost this item, would I feel the need to go out and buy a new one?” If you wouldn’t shell out $144.95 for a new margarita maker, chances are you don’t really need the one that’s collecting dust in your kitchen cabinet.

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