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House Cleaning Project: Organizing Your Kitchen Sink Cabinet

House Cleaning Project: Organizing Your Kitchen Sink Cabinet

For many homeowners, the cabinet under the kitchen sink is one of the last places we think to clean. In a lot of American homes, it’s a place to throw detergents, chemicals, and cleaning materials. In others, its where we throw our trash and our recycling. But just because the kitchen sink cabinet isn’t glamorous doesn’t mean that you should neglect it when cleaning your house.

For your next house cleaning project, consider organizing your kitchen sink cabinet. Just follow these helpful tips from Maid Right’s house cleaning experts to get your cabinet in tip-top shape.

Reorganize Your House Cleaning Supplies

If you use the kitchen sink cabinet to hold house cleaning supplies, chances are you haven’t taken full advantage of the space your cabinet provides. Even though under-sink cabinets are relatively small, there are steps you can take to maximize the use of that space.

Follow these steps to make the most of this space and keep it organized:

  • Perform a full-scale clear-out, cleaning, and inventory to start. Give the inside of the cabinet a thorough cleaning and check to see if there are any supplies that you no longer use or that have expired.
  • For house cleaning tools like rubber gloves, scrubbing brushes, etc., consider installing hooks and/or clips along one of the cabinet walls that you can use to hang supplies from.
  • Install shelves to create storage space on the inside of your cabinet’s door(s). This can be a great place for smaller bottles of house cleaning supplies.
  • Consider wire/plastic shelving and drawer units to create new storage and organization opportunities.
  • Use a basket for most of your larger, bottled house cleaning supplies.
  • One alternative to a basket is a Lazy Susan, which you can install on the floor of the cabinet. Simply give this a spin to get the house cleaning product you need.
  • Consider installing a bar across the cabinet’s interior that you can use to hang spray bottles off of. Simply hang them by resting their spray-triggers over this bar.

Organizing the kitchen sink cabinets is one of the easiest and quickest house cleaning projects you can take on. Even better, by keeping your house cleaning supplies organized, it makes future cleaning projects even easier.

The house cleaning professionals at Maid Right don’t just know how to get your kitchen sink cabinet in better shape. We can get your home sparkling from top to bottom. Give us a call today at (855) 624-3744 to find your local office.