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House Cleaning & Prep Tips for Your 4th of July Party

House Cleaning & Prep Tips for Your 4th of July Party

With Independence Day just around the corner, Americans nationwide are stocking up for 4th of July parties. Of course, a fridge stocked with sodas, cold ones, and hot dogs isn’t all you need for a spectacular 4th of July bash – you also want to wow guests with a space that sparkles and shines like America itself.

Of course, the approach you take to house cleaning and party prep will go a long way toward making that possible. So save time and make cleaning easier for yourself this independence day by following the tips below.

General 4th of July Cleaning & Prep Tips

  • Start early. House cleaning and prep often takes more time than you initially think it will, especially for big events. Avoid the last minute scramble by tackling tasks 5-7 days in advance.
  • Think like a guest by spending 10-15 minutes in each area where you’re expecting company. Scan the space for anything a guest might notice – whether that’s grass popping up through your patio or smudges high up on your kitchen’s sliding door.
  • Do an inventory of your cleaning and decoration supplies in advance. This way, you can avoid last minute trips to the supermarket for window cleaner or paper towels.
  • Don’t forget your front yard, which will be the first impression made on your guests.

Backyard Cleaning & Prep Tips

  • Get your grass looking great by making sure it’s properly fertilized, watered, and mowed.
  • Inspect any patio furniture you’ll be using in advance to make sure it doesn’t require deep-cleaning or repair.
  • Check outdoor lighting and make sure you have replacement bulbs available.
  • Do a “dress rehearsal” set-up to make sure you’ll have space for food, drinks, and furniture.

Interior House Cleaning & Prep Tips

  • Do intensive house cleaning work first, preferably days in advance, so that you can focus on touch-ups and spot-cleaning the day of.
  • If you’re pressed for time when house cleaning, try to concentrate on the areas that guests are most likely to spend time in. Clean bathrooms and the kitchen first, as well as the paths guests take to reach those rooms.
  • Take things easy by bringing in a team of house cleaning professionals. Home cleaning professionals can help you spruce up your home’s interior leaving you free to concentrate on other areas of party planning.

Need a hand getting your home ready for your 4th of July party? Get in touch with your local Maid Right at (855) 624-3744 for help from our house cleaning experts.