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Design Tips for Easier Kitchen Cleaning

Design Tips for Easier Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen cleaning can be — let’s face it — kind of a nightmare. Even “only sometimes” cooks know how quickly a sparkling and gleaming kitchen can transform into a spattered, cluttered mess. That’s particularly true in the age of Pinterest and Instagram, as camera-friendly kitchens are increasingly unsuited for plain, old, everyday life. That’s why we put together this list of design tips for easier kitchen cleaning.

But believe it or not, it’s possible to have a kitchen that’s great to look at, perfect for cooking, and easy to clean. It all comes down to smart design and organization. Avoid kitchen cleaning nightmares with these simple (but super-effective) design tips from the house cleaning experts at Maid Right.

Build a Cleaning-Friendly Kitchen

Some of the most headache-inducing problems can solved when renovating your kitchen. Keep these three tips in mind for easier kitchen cleaning:

  • Sink Space. Sinks — especially smaller ones — can quickly become overcrowded with dishes. This makes it tough to rinse vegetables and fill pots with water. It can also create spillover issues with dirt dishes. So plan ahead and get a sink that gives to plenty of room for dirty dishes and
  • The Right Materials. Wooden floors, marble counters, and wallpaper backsplashes are gorgeous. They’re also easy to damage and make kitchen cleaning a nightmare. Instead, choose tile for floors and backsplashes, and pick granite if you’re looking for a luxurious counter.
  • Pull-Out Shelves. Installing pull-out shelves makes kitchen organization a breeze, making kitchen cleaning much easier.

Organize for Easier Kitchen Cleaning

How you organize your kitchen has a huge impact on kitchen cleaning. Here are three key tips to a better-organized space:

  • Compartmentalize. Using baskets, drawer organizers, and add-on shelves keeps items from getting mixed up and cluttered. It can also make it easy to re-organize these items or to take groups of items out to clean your storage space.
  • Ease-of-Access. Many of the biggest kitchen messes are created when you’re scrambling for an item you can’t easily reach. So re-organize your kitchen to make sure those urgent-use items (pots, spatulas, cutting boards, etc.) are easy to grab when they’re needed.
  • Cleaning Supply Organization. It’s not just your cooking supplies that should be well-organized — you’ll also want your cleaning supplies kept tidy and ready for use. (Maybe now’s a good time to re-organize your under-the-sink cabinet.)

Of course, kitchen cleaning is never easier than when it’s handled by professionals. To connect with the kitchen cleaning experts in your area, contact your local Maid Right.

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