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Functional (& Attractive) Pantry Organization Tips

Functional (& Attractive) Pantry Organization Tips

At Maid Right, our house cleaning experts love a well-organized pantry. So when we open the doors to a pantry that maximizes its storage potential and looks great doing it, we take note. Over the years, we’ve seen some great pantry organization ideas. Below, we’ve collected our house cleaning experts’ favorite pantry organization tips that you can use to get more out of your kitchen storage space.

Our Favorite Pantry Organization Tips

Here are our top seven pantry organization tips, as curated by Maid Right’s house cleaning experts:

  • Inside-the-Door Pocket Storage. You can hang pocket organizers inside the door of your pantry to create new space for bulky, lighter items like bags of chips, paper towel rolls, and tea towels.
  • Roll-Out Shelves. Roll out shelves are one of our favorite pantry organization hacks. They give you quicker and access to the very back areas of your pantry, making it a snap to maximize storage pace.
  • See-Through Storage. Using mesh, clear plastic, or glass storage containers can make life so, so, sooo much easier — especially when you’re halfway through a meal and realize you forgot a key ingredient.
  • Chalk-Sticker Labels. Chalk-sticker labels look adorable, can be applied to just about any glass or plastic storage container, and don’t need to be removed if you want to relabel the container.
  • Customization-Friendly Design. These days, many shelving options make it easy for you to move, add, or remove shelves to your heart’s content. They’re not always the most attractive option, but when combined with the right tile or color of paint, they can give your pantry a sleek, minimalist look.
  • Stackable Containers. For cereals, dry pasta, rice, and a host of other items, you can use stackable containers, allowing you to maximize shelf-space.
  • Up, Up, and Away. Even the highest shelves in your pantry are in reach so long as you have a step-ladder or stool nearby. So make the most of those sky-scraper shelves by using them to store less-frequently used appliances and items.

At Maid Right, our love of smart pantry organization is only outdone by our passion for spotless house cleaning. Call (855) 624-3744 to book a house cleaning estimate for your home.