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House Cleaning Chores for Kids

House Cleaning Chores for Kids

Parenting experts agree that chores are one of the best ways to teach children the importance of responsibility and hard work. Of course, many parents find it difficult to get children involved with house cleaning chores, particularly older children who have grown up without these kinds of responsibilities. That’s why the Maid Right team of house cleaning experts has put together a chart of house cleaning chores for kids of all ages to get started with regular house cleaning chores.

Setting Up a House Cleaning Chore Chart

One of the best ways to get kids involved with regular house cleaning chores is to set up a chore chart for your family. To set up a house cleaning chore chart, you should make four columns. In the first column, list the chores that need to be done each week. In the second column next to each chore, list the name of the person responsible for that chore. The third column should have the day that the chore needs to be done by, and the fourth is used to check off chores when they’ve been completed.

Age-Appropriate House Cleaning Chores

It can be tough to know which chores are appropriate for your children, particularly younger kids. Here are some suggestions for the house cleaning chores you might want to assign to your children.

2-3 Years Old

  • Put away toys
  • Place dirty clothes in hamper
  • Feed pets
  • Dust low objects

4-5 Years Old

  • All of the above, plus…
  • Water houseplants
  • Clear kitchen table
  • Dust mid-level objects
  • Hand-held vacuuming

6-8 Years Old

  • All of the above, plus…
  • Wipe down bathroom fixtures
  • Put groceries away
  • Rake leaves
  • Empty waste baskets

9-10 Years Old

  • All of the above, plus…
  • Damp mop floors
  • Weed garden
  • Sweep porches
  • Walk dogs

11+ Years Old

  • All of the above, plus…
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Clean bathroom
  • Wipe down mirrors and glass doors
  • Clean vehicle interiors

Of course, these are only suggestions. Choose house cleaning chores that you think are age-appropriate, and feel free to think up new chores that you think your children can handle!

For the house cleaning chores that you and your family don’t have time for, there’s always Maid Right. Call us today at (855) 624-3744 to connect with your local office.