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What is the KonMari House Cleaning Method?

What is the KonMari House Cleaning Method?

Over the past year, the KonMari house cleaning method of decluttering and house cleaning has become something of a sensation in America. This method was invented by Marie Kondo, an author and organization consultant.

The appeal to Kondo’s house cleaning philosophy is easy to pinpoint and the secret principle behind the method is overwhelmingly positive. In Marie Kondo’s world, the stuff you own should “spark joy” — if it doesn’t, it has no place in your home.

The Secret to KonMari House Cleaning

In her book, Kondo points out a funny contradiction in our usual approach to house cleaning and decluttering. While the goal of decluttering is to make our lives more enjoyable, decluttering itself is usually a miserable experience. Kondo says that the reason decluttering is such a miserable experience is that we’re focused on what we’re throwing away. It goes against our instincts to get rid of stuff — no matter how much we know that clutter is bad for us.

The KonMari house cleaning method solves this problem by turning it on its head. Instead of choosing what to throw out, the KonMari method is all about choosing what to keep. Kondo does this by focusing on the items that bring joy into your life. For those who have tried the KonMari method, this approach has transformed the way they feel about house cleaning.

The KonMari House Cleaning Method

Think you’re ready to try out the KonMari approach to house cleaning? If so, the good news is that Kondo’s method isn’t just enjoyable, but also easy to follow. Use the KonMari method of house cleaning and decluttering by following these simple steps…

  1. Declutter by category instead of by room. She suggests starting with the most disposable category of items — clothing! — then moving onto books, papers, miscellaneous items, and finally mementoes.
  2. For each category, collect every item in a pile in the center of your room. This gives you an immediate sense of just how much extra stuff you have, which helps curb hoarding instincts.
  3. Pick items one by one out of the pile. For each item, hold it up and consider it. Ask the question: “Does this spark joy?” If an item does spark joy, keep it. If it doesn’t throw it out.
  4. Once you have discarded items that don’t bring joy to your life, find a single place in your home for each category of item. Each item in your home should have a permanent, dedicated place, and if you buy a new item, it will also need a permanent space. This helps avoid falling back into the clutter trap.

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