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Dishwashers vs. Hand Washing Dishes

Dishwashers vs. Hand Washing Dishes

Do you spend too much of your time hand washing dishes? You might be thinking of adding a dishwasher to your home. If so, you’re likely weighing dishwashers vs. hand washing, including their eco-friendliness, efficiency and cost. Below, the home cleaning professionals at Maid Right have broken down the pros and cons of dishwashers vs. hand washing, along with why a dishwasher is often a sound investment.

Dishwashers Use Less Water

A lot of people assume that using a dishwasher is worse for the environment than hand washing their dishes. It’s simply not true. In fact, modern dishwashers use substantially less water than even the most eco-conscious human washer. Dishwashers with Energy Star ratings use as little as a single cup of water to both wash and rinse a single dish, an extraordinarily small amount.

Dishwashers Use Less Energy

Believe it or not, dishwashers also use less energy than human washers, though this comes with a slight catch. That’s because the energy used by your dishwasher comes from a power plant, while most of the energy you use comes from the calories you consume throughout the day. That said, modern dishwashers are extremely energy efficient compared with models from yesteryear.

Dishwashers Require Smart Use

If you are the sort of person who runs their dishwasher half-full, you won’t see the kind of water and energy savings that you want. Modern dishwashers are only able to be so energy efficient when they are washing a full load of dishes. So be sure to wait until your machine is full before running it through a washing cycle.

Hand Washing Is Cheaper (In the Short Term)

The biggest benefit to hand washing is the lower costs. While an energy efficient dishwasher will cut back on your water bill, that’s rarely enough to offset the upfront cost of a dishwasher purchase. With lower end models starting at $300, a dishwasher is a significant purchase for the average homeowner.

That said, the time you save by using a dishwashers vs. hand washing could more than make us for the added money. It may mean a full half-hour or hour that you’re free every day, which is often worth the investment cost of a washer.

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