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How to Cut Down on Holiday Clutter

How to Cut Down on Holiday Clutter

Don’t dread the season because of the clean-up. It’s easy to get caught up in the magic of the holiday season. Even the Scroogiest among us tend to go a little overboard every December. Gifts put a strain on our wallets. Eggnog, turkey, and sweets put a strain on our belts. And holiday clutter inevitably puts a strain on our closets.

Between gifts and decorations, holiday clutter can build up more quickly than a snowbank in a late-December blizzard. So, if you’re worried about clutter piling up this holiday, here are five tips for cutting down on holiday clutter from the house cleaning experts at Maid Right®.

Tips for a Clutter-Free Holidays

  1. Use Old Fashioned, Natural Decorations. Plastic, paper, and metal decorations can be convenient and economical to use each year. At the same time, they take up tons of closet space and just don’t feel as Christmas-y as natural decorations. Consider ditching some of your artificial ornaments for decorations made from evergreens, pinecones, berries, and holly for an old-fashioned Christmas and more storage space.
  2. Stick to a Decoration Storage Limit. Another great way to rein in clutter caused by Christmas decorations is to set a storage limit of your decorations. Give yourself a set amount of space that can be taken up by decorations, and don’t allow yourself to exceed it. If you buy new decorations that will push you over the limit, find old decorations you can get rid of to make space.
  3. Have Kids Send Old Toys Back to Santa. If you have kids, old toys are one of the worst culprits for clutter. Christmas tends to only make the problem worse, but it can actually be the perfect time to get rid of old, unused toys. At the start of December, have your kids collect toys they don’t play with anymore. Have them leave their toys under the tree so the toys can go back to the North Pole (or a nearby donation center) for other children to enjoy.
  4. Put a Moratorium on Novelty Gifts. Novelty gifts, knick-knacks, and specialty items can be fun when they’re unwrapped, but they’re a lot less fun when they’re collecting dust six months later. If your family tends to give a lot of these gifts, consider making an agreement to only buy gifts that are likely to see long-term use.
  5. Ask for Experiences Instead of Things. A clutter-free Christmas is easier when you request clutter-free gifts. So, ask for experiences and other non-physical gifts instead of asking for things this year. Ask for concert tickets instead of a new gadget, a gift certificate to a restaurant instead of new clothes, or a subscription service instead of a new appliance. If you’re feeling particularly generous, consider requesting gifts made in your name (or anonymously) to charities you care about.

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