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Eliminating Common Household Odors

Eliminating Common Household Odors

Strange smells are rarely welcome, especially when they’re in your home. But for the average homeowner, it can be tough to diagnose and eliminate household odors. At Maid Right, our cleaning professionals are regularly called on to reduce or eliminate household odors from our clients’ homes. Over the years, we’ve encountered a range of different culprits, from infrequently used pipes to bathroom accidents to pets.

Below, we’ve collected a number of the most common household odors found in homes and what you can do to mask or get rid of these odors.

Smoke Odors

If previous homeowners have been heavy smokers, it can take a lot of work to eliminate smoke odors. Getting rid of household odors caused by smoke can be done in a number of ways. Certain odor removal services, such as Maid Right’s EnviroShield® system, can treat smoke odors. Severe smoke smells may require ozone treatments or a special sealer.

Dust Odors

Often, the biggest culprit for dust odors is fibrous flooring, such as mats, rugs, and carpeting. Upholstered furniture can also contribute to the problem. A professional carpet cleaning will make the biggest impact on the amount of dust in your carpets. To eliminate household odor concerns caused by dust, you should have all floors and upholstered furniture vacuumed regularly using HEPA-filter vacuums. This will extract and trap even microscopic dust particles.

Plumbing Odors

There are a few ways that plumbing problems can lead to nasty odors. One of the most common is dry pipes. If a sink is used infrequently, the water in the pipes will dry up. This allows fumes from sewer lines to make their way into your home. If you’re experiencing a methane/sulfur smell from infrequently used drains, run the water once a week to make sure the pipes are not dry.

Pet Odors

There are two common types of pet odors. The first is caused by the bacteria and grime that build up in pet fur over time. The second is caused by “accidents” around the home. Odor removal services, such as EnviroShield®, can eliminate these odors. One tip if you’re in a pinch: you can use baking soda to absorb odors caused by pet urine in carpeting and other fibrous surfaces.

Bathroom Odors

Poor aim by younger family members can make an otherwise lovely home bathroom smell like a public restroom. At Maid Right, our cleaners use eco-friendly hydroperoxide bathroom disinfectants to eliminate bathroom stains, along with the odors and bacteria they create.

Food Odors

Certain foods have a tendency to linger after cooking. While proper kitchen ventilation is the best remedy, you can also simmer spices like cinnamon or cloves after your meal to mask unpleasant smells. If you cook certain foods often enough that the odors are trapped in your home, a professional odor removal treatment is usually necessary.

Maid Right offers a cleaner — and fresher — home. Find out how we can clean your home and eliminate common household odors by calling (855) 624-3744 today.