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7 House Cleaning Mistakes You Make When Dusting

7 House Cleaning Mistakes You Make When Dusting

Dusting is one of the most basic parts of house cleaning. It also seems like it should be one of the simplest. But that doesn’t stop most people from making mistakes when they dust. In fact, there are a number of common, easy-to-make mistakes that homeowners commit every day when dusting their homes.

Be smarter about house cleaning by avoiding these seven common dusting mistakes:

1. Only Dusting What’s in Reach

As human beings, we’re always looking for shortcuts. When cleaning your house, one of the most tempting shortcuts can be to skip hard-to-reach areas — places like ceiling corners, molding, the tops of bookshelves, ceiling fan blades, and other spots where you need a stool or a ladder to reach. Skipping out on these places allows dust in these areas to re-enter the air and fall on other areas in your home.

2. Not Cleaning Out Fans, Heating Vents, or A/C Vents

Electrics fans, heating systems, and air conditioners are dust magnets. But if the grates and vents aren’t dusted regularly, these appliances will just blow dust into your home’s air. So, make sure you take the time to vacuum them out and wipe them down.

3. Choosing Outdated Dusting Materials

Put. That. Feather. Duster. Down. Too many homeowners rely on old fashioned dusting materials that either put dust directly back into the air or fail to capture dust particles as well as they need to. At Maid Right®, our house cleaning experts rely on microfiber materials because they’re proven to trap dust at a higher rate.

4. Misusing Furniture Polish

When furniture polish is sprayed directly onto wood, it tends to create a stick build-up that’s perfect for collecting dust. Avoid this by spraying polish onto a rag or cloth first, then using this to polish the items in question.

5. Re-using Cleaning Cloths

If you keep using the same cloth or duster in all parts of your home, you can easily spread germs from your bathroom and kitchen into different areas. The house cleaning professionals at Maid Right avoid this by color-coding our cleaning cloths based on the rooms they’re used in. This way, we never bring germs from one room into another.

6. Dirty Vacuum Filters

Vacuuming and dusting go hand in hand, but a dirty vacuum filter can reintroduce dust into your home’s air. Make sure you know how often your vacuum’s filters need to be changed or washed, and avoid letting dust over-accumulate in your vacuum.

7. Dry Dusting

A little bit of water goes a long way toward trapping dust and other particulate matter. While microfiber materials don’t need a lot of water to trap dust, a light spray of water can help your cleaning cloth or duster trap more dust than it would if you dusted dry.

Dusting’s easy with house cleaning services from your local Maid Right. Call (855) 624-3744 today to find out how your local Maid Right house cleaning professionals can help.