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Tips for Conserving Water when House Cleaning

Tips for Conserving Water when House Cleaning

Water might make up more than 75% of the earth’s surface, but there’s no question that clean, drinkable water is the world’s most important and valuable resource. Unfortunately, clean water goes to waste every day thanks to carelessness and inefficient practices.

As a proud provider of green home cleaning services, the team at Maid Right® knows how crucial water conservation can be to your local environment and the planet at large. To help encourage water conservation, our house cleaning professionals encourage the following practices during house cleaning.

House Cleaning Water Conservation Tips

Cut down on water consumption by following these tips and guidelines during house cleaning:

  • If you’re washing dishes in the sink, don’t just let the faucet run. Fill one basin with soap water and another with rinsing water to reduce your overall water consumption.
  • Don’t feel guilty about using the dishwasher! Modern dishwashers actually use less water per dish than handwashing. (But make sure you always fill the dishwasher before running a load).
  • Pay close attention to the amount of water you’re using to clean areas like floors or counters. Consider reducing the amount if you think you can.
  • Use your weekly house cleaning to check for leaks around your home, which can spike your water bills and put a drain on local clean water supplies.
  • Match your laundry machine’s water level to the size of the load, instead of automatically choosing the highest amount.

Other Household Water Conservation Tips

Water conservation goes beyond house cleaning. Consider the following tips and tricks to conserve water in other parts of your life:

  • Consider replacing relatively inexpensive fixtures — like your showerhead — with more water efficient alternatives.
  • Cut down on the amount of water you need for cleaning dishes by carefully scraping food off dishes before you begin washing them.
  • Stick a bucket in your shower while you’re waiting for the water to heat up, then use that water for house plants or your garden.
  • Put a large bottle or a pitcher of water in your fridge so that you can pour yourself a glass of cold water without running the tap while the water cools down.
  • Install a rain barrel to reduce the amount of running water you need for watering plants and grass.