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These Are the Germs Hiding Out in Your Kitchen

These Are the Germs Hiding Out in Your Kitchen

Even though they are invisible to the naked eye, harmful bacteria come with a highly noticeable impact. Every year, roughly 50 million Americans suffer a bout of food poisoning. While most people suffering from food poisoning are eager to blame the last restaurant they visited, many food poisoning cases start at home. Poor home cleaning and disinfection practices make it easy for harmful bacteria to thrive and spread — especially in your kitchen.

In fact, the average kitchen already contains bacteria that could possibly trigger a food poisoning outbreak. Many of these bacteria are hiding in plain sight, thriving inside dish rags, cleaning sponges, and cutting boards.

Ready to meet the bacteria hiding out in your kitchen? Below, the team at Maid Right® lists some of the most common — and dangerous — bacteria found in typical kitchens.

E. Coli

coli (short for Escherichia coli) is a highly volatile type of bacteria that is usually found in the digestive tracts of animals. It is common for meats and other types of food to become contaminated with E. coli. Mishandling these foods and failing to properly disinfect kitchen surfaces can make it easy for this strain of bacteria to spread in your kitchen. E. coli is responsible for serious food poisoning incidents and can be highly dangerous to younger and older persons, as well as those with compromised immune systems.


Like E. coli, salmonella (a.k.a. salmonellosis) leads to highly painful and uncomfortable bouts of foodborne illness. Salmonella infections in humans are usually triggered due to tainted poultry, pork, beef, seafood, eggs, or milk. Failing to disinfect surfaces used to prepare meats can lead to salmonella transfer.


Campylobacter is the second leading cause of food poisoning and is typically caused by tainted chicken (though it can also be caused by unpasteurized milk). Like E. coli and salmonella, a campylobacter infection can trigger a nasty bout of food poisoning.


Staphylococcus aureus (a.k.a. staph) can trigger food poisoning like the other entries on this list and can also cause infections, but it can lead to serious infections. Staph can travel on the skin of healthy individuals and survive on surfaces like the sink or kitchen counter.

Looking to fight bacteria breakouts in your kitchen? The team at your local Maid Right can help. Our EnviroShield® disinfecting system eliminates 99.9999% of bacteria on contact, all without the use of harsh or harmful chemicals. Call (855) 624-3744 today to schedule a free estimate.