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8 Secrets About Microfiber

8 Secrets About Microfiber

Want to give your home professional-quality clean? Then you’ll need the secret weapon of house cleaning professionals: microfiber.

Over the past fifteen years, this material has become the house cleaning industry’s most trusted cleaning textile. It offers an almost limitless number of advantages over traditional cleaning materials, delivering a deeper, greener, and healthier clean. That’s why Maid Right® house cleaning services rely on color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths and mop pads to tackle dust, dirt, oil, and bacteria in your home.

House Cleaning Superpowers of Microfiber

Still unsure whether you should be cleaning with microfiber? Here are eight of the house cleaning superpowers that it can bring to your home.

  1. Scrubbing Strength. Microfiber is made primarily of polyester, one of the best materials for scrubbing up dirt, dust, and oil. Even more important, these materials have thousands of tiny scrubbing loops per-square-inch, so practically nothing gets past them.
  2. Electrostatic Charge. It’s threads rub together during cleaning, generating static electricity. This electrostatic charge acts like a magnet for tiny particles, attracting dust, dirt, and debris and trapping them inside the fabric’s fibers.
  3. Super Absorption. Microfiber retains more than seven times its own weight in water, making it one of the most absorbent fabrics available.
  4. Green Cleaning Powers. Microfiber can tackle most house cleaning jobs with just a bit of water. That means you can cut back on the chemical cleaners you’ve been using in your home, leading to a greener, healthier clean.
  5. Shapeshifting Capabilities. It’s threads are so small and so flexible that they conform themselves to uneven surfaces. This means dirt, grease, and bacteria are no longer safe in the places they used to hide from your old cloths and mops.
  6. Gentle Touch. Microfiber might be powerful at scrubbing dust, oil, and dirt, but it’s one of the gentlest fabrics currently manufactured. Glass, ceramic, plastics, hardwood finishes, and other scratch-prone surfaces have nothing to fear when cleaned with this material.
  7. Ultra-Endurance. Microfiber requires special steps for cleaning and drying, but with proper care, it will last for hundreds of uses.
  8. Hygiene Super-Abilities. Microfiber doesn’t just scrub up dirt, dust, oil, and debris — it also traps microorganisms, including harmful bacteria. In a study conducted at UC Davis, special mop pads reduced bacteria on hard flooring by more than 99%! In comparison, traditional mops only reduced bacteria by 30%.

Bring these superpowers to your home with house cleaning services from your local Maid Right®. Call (855) 624-3744 today and request a FREE consultation.