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9 Cleaning Resolutions for the New Year

9 Cleaning Resolutions for the New Year

New Years’ resolutions sometimes get a bad reputation. Sure, they’re hard to stick to — but that’s the case with any serious self-improvement resolution. What’s more important is you’ve found a reason to make the effort.

There’s nowhere better to make that effort than at home. Below, the house cleaning professionals at Maid Right® have put together a list of nine house cleaning resolutions perfect for the New Year.

New Years’ House Cleaning Resolutions

  1. Simplify Your Cleaning Cabinet. Stop keeping bottles of ten different cleaning supplies for jobs where you only need one. Remember that, no matter what the makers of these products tell you, you only really need six to eight basic supplies to tackle 98% of house cleaning tasks.
  2. Make Your Bed Every Morning. Making your bed is one of the easiest house cleaning tasks. It’s so easy that we almost can’t believe that most people skip it each morning. So, become a (sort of) morning person, and give your bedroom a cleaner, tidier look by making your bed each day.
  3. Tidy Up Your Home Each Evening. Making the bed is a task for every morning. A quick tidying of your home is a task for each evening. Before settling in, do a quick walkthrough of each room to collect stray items and put things back in their usual place.
  4. Clean Your Bathroom Each Week. Bathrooms are the most unpleasant room to clean in any home. But they’re also the last place you should be skipping in your weekly cleaning regimen. So, stop letting yourself off the hook and make sure you give your bathrooms a good weekly clean.
  5. And Don’t Forget Your Kitchen! Kitchens need routine cleanings as much as bathrooms do, especially if you want to prevent pests, mold, and bacteria. Make sure your counters, cabinets, and floors are getting a good weekly cleaning.
  6. Stop Skipping Spots When You Dust. It’s easy to miss certain spots when you’re dusting, like ceiling fan blades, window blinds, or your baseboards. Start using a house cleaning checklist when you’re dusting to make sure you hit these spots.
  7. Get Greener About Cleaning. If you’re reducing the number of cleaning products in your cupboard, you can take the opportunity to likewise reduce the amount of chemicals. Green cleaning products will still give your home a sparkling clean, but without the environmental and health risks.
  8. Tackle a Major Decluttering Project. If your basement, attic, or garage is in desperate need of decluttering, and you keep putting off the job, then use the new year as an excuse to kickstart the project.
  9. Make Things Easier on Yourself. Nobody’s superhuman. Between family, work, and everything else, it’s sometimes hard enough finding time to breathe, never mind clean your home. So instead of beating yourself up, make things easy on yourself by hiring a professional cleaning service to do the job for you.

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