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7 Ways to Clean Up Germy Bathrooms

7 Ways to Clean Up Germy Bathrooms

Everyone could use a few house cleaning tips to help them stop the spread of bathroom germs. Nobody wants a bathroom that’s overrun by bacteria, but most bathrooms are much germier than homeowners realize. Even the cleanest clean-freaks tend to miss germy spots in bathrooms, and few homeowners do enough stop the spread of bathroom germs.

At Maid Right®, we know what it takes to fight back against bathroom bacteria. Here are seven of our top house cleaning tips to stop bathroom germs and give yourself a cleaner and healthier home.

House Cleaning Tips for a Germ-Free Bathroom

  1. Use Microfiber Materials. One of the best ways to stop germs in your bathroom is to clean with microfiber. Microfiber cloths and mop pads are proven to trap far higher rates of bacteria than cotton cleaning materials. Best of all, switching to microfiber is a house cleaning tip that pays off in other areas of your home, making it easier to dust, clean hard floors, and clean your kitchen.
  2. Use Green Disinfectants. Another great house cleaning tip that’s perfect for bathrooms is to clean with green disinfectants, like hydrogen peroxide. Using green disinfectants means you can disinfect your bathroom more often, without worrying about harsh or toxic fumes caused by regular disinfectants.
  3. Perform a Daily Faucet Wipe-Down. The average faucet handle harbors more germs per square inch than any other surface in your home. One of our best house cleaning tips is to wipe down your faucet handles once a day with a microfiber cloth and a green disinfectant. And why not wipe down the basin of your sink while you’re at it?
  4. Don’t Share Towels with Family. Every time you dry off after washing your hands or taking a shower, you’re depositing bacteria inside the towel’s fibers. While it’s almost always safe to reuse your own towel through the week, sharing towels between family members is one of the easiest way to spread germs.
  5. Space Out Your Toothbrushes. Many families store their toothbrushes clustered together in a single toothbrush holder. This makes it easy for toothbrushes to come into contact, spreading saliva-borne germs from one toothbrush to another. A good house cleaning tip is to space out toothbrushes by at least an inch.
  6. Disinfect and Dry Out Your Loofah. Loofahs trap tons of oil, dead skin, and bacteria, and they retain tons of moisture, making them a great home for germs. Experts recommend disinfecting loofahs frequently and hanging them somewhere where they can dry out as quickly as possible.
  7. Close the Lid When You Flush. Here’s a phrase that every homeowner should learn: “toilet plume.” That’s what microbiology experts call the spray of water vapor and bacteria that rises up out of your toilet on every flush and can come into contact with almost everything within a six-foot radius from your toilet. So, here’s one final house cleaning tip from our experts: close the toilet lid before flushing.

While these house cleaning tips can help you prevent bathroom germs, a truly clean bathroom requires detailed weekly cleaning. That’s an area where you local Maid Right can help. Our house cleaning services can help you achieve a deeper, healthier clean in your bathrooms and everywhere else in your home.

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