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How to Tackle Spring Cleaning in a Single Weekend

How to Tackle Spring Cleaning in a Single Weekend

Spring cleaning can be intimidating. While every house needs detailed cleaning at least once a year, a top-to-bottom deep clean of your home probably feels like an Everest-sized mountain of a chore. But here’s the thing: most homeowners can tackle spring cleaning in one weekend — even if they do it all by themselves.

The secret to spring cleaning your home in a single weekend is simple. You need a plan, and you need to be prepared. Too many people take a seat-of-their-pants approach. They neglect to make a list of all the areas they need to clean. They forget to plan ahead for all the supplies they need to buy. They fail to think through how they can clean as efficiently as possible. In the end, they spend two weeks on a job that could have taken two days.

Spring cleaning prep takes time if you need to do it all by yourself, so planning ahead might not seem like a huge timesaver. That’s where Maid Right® has you covered. Our supply list and two-day checklist make it easy to plan ahead for spring cleaning, giving you the info you need to deep clean your home in one weekend.

Maid Right’s Two-Day Spring Cleaning Method

Running out of supplies in the middle of cleaning, buying the wrong supplies for your cleaning needs, or trying to clean with ineffective equipment can all extend the amount of time you spend on spring cleaning.

Our supply list covers the equipment, materials, and cleaning products you’ll need to perform a basic deep cleaning your home, including microfiber cloths and mop pads, green disinfectants, and basic cleaning agents. We suggest using this list as the basis for your own personal supply checklist, so that you can add any specialty supplies that you prefer.

When it comes time for the cleaning itself, you can use our two-day checklist. This checklist covers all the major areas in your home and includes a detailed breakdown of the cleaning jobs you’ll need to tackle in each room. We designed our two-day checklist to help you waste as little time as possible while cleaning, and we put the toughest cleaning jobs — bathrooms and kitchens — on day one, so that you can take things easier on day two.

Here are a few additional tips from our cleaning experts on how to make spring cleaning more efficient, easy, and enjoyable this year.

  • Split cleaning assignments between you and your spouse or between you and your kids to cut your cleaning time in half.
  • Alternatively, split day one and day two of your spring cleaning checklist over two weekends. That way, you won’t need to spend an entire weekend cleaning.
  • Try out some of our tips on how to enjoy house cleaning to make spring cleaning a little more fun.
  • Explore the Maid Right blog for house cleaning tips on how to tackle tough cleaning jobs during spring cleaning, like green cleaning your oven or removing hard water stains.

If spring cleaning still seems like too much for you too handle on your own, here’s one last tip: give your local Maid Right a call. Our spring cleaning services give busy homeowners an easy, stress-free way to tackle springtime cleaning. Simply give us a call to contact your local office for a free cleaning estimate.

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