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How to Protect Your Home This Winter

How to Protect Your Home This Winter

We may still be comfortably in the last warm days of the Autumn, but Jack Frost is just around the corner, ready to test the fortitude of your home with howling, icy winds, freezing rain and mounds of snow. With Maid Right by your side, you and your home can hibernate until spring.

To accurately prepare your home for the winter, you need to look at all angles. From the exterior to your inner walls, there are many nooks and crannies to “weatherize” for the long winter ahead.

In the exterior, it is a good idea to paint your trim, deck, shutters and door is important to prepare for the winter. Paint serves the important purpose of protecting a structure. When exterior surfaces like wood and concrete are exposed to harsh weather elements like sun, rain and snow, or painted with paint that is not high quality and durable, they begin to break down and deteriorate. Paint serves as a protective layer from these elements, helping to keep the substrate intact. If your winters are particularly harsh, it may be a good idea to even take the shutters down before major storms. This preventative measure could save your shutters from being whipped around in the winter wind.

Moving indoors, you’ll want to make sure you conserve heat!

We at Maid Right are committed to the environment, that’s why we offer eco-friendly cleaning services. An easy energy conservation technique that both the environment and your wallet will thank you for is weather stripping your doors and windows. Using foam tape or felt door strips for your doors and windows insulates your harm and keeps the cold wind out. If you suffer from particularly nasty winters, we even suggest using window guards or the homemade alternative of taping plastic wrap on the inside frames of your windows.

Take advantage of the sunlight. Protect your heating system by helping it out a little! Open the curtains in the south-facing windows in your home to let the sun naturally heat your home! But make sure to close all curtains in your home at night. Even if you weatherize your windows they are still thinner and therefore “leak” heat more than your walls!

This may seem like a no-brainer but take care of your heating system and help it have a longer life by letting up on the heat. Wear heavy sweaters and thick socks at home – no tank tops and shorts, even indoors! By being aware of the thermostat you can elongate the life of your home heating system. Plus you need to wear your ugly Christmas sweaters somewhere.

This isn’t technically part of your home but its definitely an important asset. When the temperature is really going to dip, make sure your car has at least a quarter of a tank. If its not, you risk the tank freezing! Its never a good idea to let your gas tank run super low. It is extra important during the winter to keep it filled.

So stock up on firewood and hot cocoa as the winter approaches. Try to go green, save money and stay warm with the tips from Maid Right!