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With the last of the warm October sun slipping away, you may be tempted to skip straight into the holiday season. Decking the halls and tables laden with food (and family…for better or for worse!) loom large in your mind and they are right around the corner. But stop! Maid Right is here to encourage you to slow down and enjoy the truly autumnal days of early November that are often lost, squished between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

This time of the year offers so much interior inspiration that it would be a real shame not to stop, look around and smell the…crunchy leaves. And that’s what Maid Right is here for: we can help you enjoy the goodness of the season by alleviating your stress. We know you want to be hands-on in your home and but we also know that life can get in the way. With Maid Right you get to enjoy a clean home and none of the stress.

The intimacy of this late autumnal season is just the atmosphere for your home. Cozy, authentic and timeless: what can we learn from fall?

Lesson #1: Less is more  

If you look at your window, the chances are that things will be starting to look a little barren. The trees are daily being emptied of their foliage while the lawn and bushes begin to thin out. The punch-drunk saturated colors of July seem like a faint memory; in their place are subdued neutrals and greying oranges. If you don’t pause a moment, this is all that you see. But notice how the trees get to show off their beautiful trunks and twisted branches, a stark symmetry hidden during the summer.

Let the bare “bark” and “branches” of your home shine with a minimalist approach to interior decorating inspired by Mother Nature’s own minimalism. Expose natural wood and contrast it with clean, bright walls: this emphasizes the natural beauty and contours of your home.

Lesson #2: Texture is everything

There is an abundance of different, interesting textures in this late autumnal phase. From the glitter and sheen of early-morning frost, to the layers of crinkly leaves arranged at the bases of trees, there is texture everywhere. Much of the texture is mono-color or sticks to a single color palette: this is a great tip to bring into your home. Keep the color scheme simple while adding lots of different textures to make the space interesting.

This saturated room takes the same color, a dark, naval tint, and translates it into different shades and fabrics. From the woven rug to the soft bed blanket, to the sleek lampshades and a wall print. The layers of texture make it interesting even though it stays within the same color palette.

This room is clearly autumnal! The colors from the wood and natural fibers are woven through the whole space — from the bedroom door to the chunky extra comforter nestled under the coffee table.

Lesson #3: Keep the colors natural

While the colors of summer may dazzle, it’s the late fall-early winter colors that really have staying power. The neutrals and greys that pop up so often in nature during this season are great ideas for your home. Warm golds and rustic reds matched with soft, buttery yellows creates an environment that reflects the lovely fall afternoons filled with lilting light.

Or, take a cue from the foggy mornings and chilly evenings with steely-bright stars and opt for a blue-based grey palette, even straying into the light purples of autumnal sunsets, for a modern, minimalist take.

We love these color palettes from Sherwin-Williams!

Lesson #4: Smell is everything

We cannot overstate the importance of smell. Fall smells crisp with hints of smoke and cinnamon. If we could bottle up the late-afternoon smell we would! Since we can’t, we’ll settle for any pumpkin or cinnamon flavored candle we can find.

So many opportunities for interior decoration inspiration from this autumnal season. Make sure that your home is the clean slate you deserve to show-off your decorating skills. With Maid Right you can rest assured that your home will always reflect its best self!