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11 Whimsical, Wishful, Wonderful Children’s Rooms

11 Whimsical, Wishful, Wonderful Children’s Rooms

Y’all. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it is indeed “that” time of the year….school starts. Some of us are happy to send the little ones back to school – our homes are definitely looking forward to a little less “roughhousing”…literally. But its also a signal for the end of summer and we’re inevitably on the road back to winter (it feels like we just left!)

So instead of focusing on the cold to come, we here at Maid Right like to look on the positive side of life. As the little ones keep growing up (!!!) they start to out-grow their bedrooms. The possibilities for updated bedrooms are endless! Help your kids get the school-year started the right way with a new, whimsical bedroom.

Make your child’s room bright and interesting this school year with wallpaper

  1. This bedroom and bathroom from Ashley Whittaker Design incorporates patriotic wallpaper. She takes advantage of the light-filled bathroom to use a literally explosive firework wallpaper that ties in the themes of the bedroom.
  2. Using chalkboard paint in your children’s rooms not only gives you the freedom to decorate, change and play with the aesthetic of your kids’ rooms, but also gives free-range to your children to develop their own interior decorating skills. Who knows, maybe you have a budding Michelangelo sleeping upstairs!
  3. This room gets playful with a color palette and turns it into a mountain range! Notice that they even painted the back wall of the built-in shelving, carrying the colors throughout the rest of the room. Make your child’s room bright and interesting this school year with wallpaper
  4. Bright, cheery and classy, this yellow-patterned wallpaper is a graceful, gender-neutral background in this sweet nursery. We particularly love how they didn’t stick with a white trim but chose a complementary color for the molding.
  5. Kids’ rooms are the best opportunity to use bright, daring color palettes and an explosion of patterns. This designer even added a detailed dresser. The solid color furniture ties the walls, curtains and dresser together.
  6. This accent-wall uses sweet wallpaper with gender-neutral colouring and is great for any age. From baby to teenager, this wallpaper matures along with your child.
  7. A break from the traditional brightly-colored children’s rooms, this whimsical wallpaper instead is a darker tone with elements of highly detailed color. It is as if the pages of a fairytale came to live and leaped onto the walls.
  8. The bedroom isn’t the only place where moments of childhood joy can be cultivated. Imagine bubble baths and silly sleepover games here in this bathroom, with beautiful water-color inspired the wallpaper.
  9. This wallpaper has a dark background like the previous one but is bursting with color and animals. There’s a lot going on, but what better way to spark the imagination of your children than through this wallpaper, bursting with life?
  10. Pleasantly-patterned, calming wallpaper in this nursery is just the right thing to inspire sweet dreams and restful nights.
  11. More patterned wallpaper, this one takes a backseat and brings together the painting and the bedding of this stylish nursery.

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Photo Credit: Tilton Fenwick