Keep Your Kids Healthy This School Year

Keep Your Kids Healthy This School Year

Having healthy kids is the recipe for a great school year. When the kids are healthy, it seems like nothing can stop them. They’re happy, growing, learning and taking the world in – it can be a real joy to watch healthy kids in the school year.

But the sad truth is that often the school year itself prevents kids from being healthy. There’s nothing sadder than a sick kid! But school is where kids are exposed to a ton of different germs – most classes are about 20-30 kids right? Those 20-30 kids are each bringing their own personal cocktail of germs to school where they’ll do everything together. From sharing pencils in the classroom to throwing balls in the playground, there are tons of opportunities to swap germs.

Plus, if your kids have siblings, when they come home they get exposed to whole other set of germs through their siblings! Its no wonder that the flu can spread like lightning!

back to school graphicAt Maid Right, our priority is your priority: keeping your family healthy. Here are our top tips to keep your kids healthy this school year:

  1. Use Maid Right specialized cleaning system EnviroMist. This cleaning process doesn’t just sanitize your home today – it creates a lasting shield that continues to protect your family.
  2. Pack a personal hand sanitizer in their lunch bag. By having the sanitizer easily accessible, they’re able to keep their hands clean when they eat.
  3. Teach your kids a small song or saying so that they wash their hands for at least 20 seconds. One example is for them to sing “Happy Birthday” to themselves twice. This is the recommended length from the Center for Disease Control to make sure that all the germs are cleaned away.
  4. Make sure your kids have plenty of vitamin C the natural way. Dark, leafy greens like spinach and cabbage and wonderful sources along with green and red peppers, broccoli and cauliflower! Our favorite hack to getting kids to eat these is to put breadcrumbs and a little olive oil on the cauliflower before you pop it into the oven. A delicious way to get them their Vitamin C!