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How to Organize Your Kitchen

How to Organize Your Kitchen

The kitchen is probably the busiest room in the house, especially for families! With busy schedules at school, at work and with friends, meals in the kitchen are the only times that many families gather together in one place. Kids pass through the kitchen on their way out the door, friends are entertained into the kitchen, and it is the general hub of activity in a home.

Many things depend on having a clean, organized kitchen. Cooking is easier, meals are more enjoyable, and things stay neater for longer when a kitchen is well-organized. Keep the kitchen clean and take a load off of your plate when you work with Maid Right. We can customize our frequency to fit your kitchen-cleaning needs!

To keep your kitchen organized and therefore neater in-between Maid Right visits, try these fail-proof and brilliant organization hacks.

Use a spice rack inside the broom closet to free up space under the kitchen sink.

Don’t be ashamed because we all do the same thing: we shove everything under the kitchen sink. It’s handy because it’s in the center of the kitchen but the overflowing cabinet can be a real pain and make finding what you need an unnecessary headache. 

Make your broom closet much more efficient by painting an IKEA spice rack white (or whatever color your door is) and mounting it on the inside of the closet door. You can fill this with all the cleaning materials, vases, and soap that needs to get deposited under the kitchen sink. Not only is this an easy project for you to brag about to your friends, but this will also help you cut down on buying things you don’t need. Never again buy a cleaning spray when you already have two – you’ll be able to see exactly what you have without rooting around under the kitchen sink.

Repurpose a curtain rod to organize what is left under the kitchen sink.

Keep only immediate cleaning supplies – paper towels, rubber gloves, cleaning spray, sponges, soap – that you use daily under the sink. Organize these with a curtain rod on which to hang the spray bottles.

Use zip ties on the ends of your brooms.

Hang them on hooks wherever you have space and can hide them! Whether on the inside of the laundry room door or the back wall of the broom closet, hanging your brooms, mops, and dustpans makes it easier to keep the space organized and quickly grab what you need. Make it easier to clean the kitchen, not harder!

Use sauce jars in the pantry.

Raise your hand if you’ve had the frustrating experience of opening a box of pasta, using half of it, and three days later knocking the box over and spilling it. Repeat with flour, sugar, rice, pancake mix and anything else that comes powdered in a box. Avoid this and keep your food fresher, longer, by transferring boxed items to empty sauce jars once you’ve opened them. Not only does this visually look good, but it will also keep your pantry free of annoying spills. Make sure to label the jars!

Store plastic bags and shipping tubes.

It’s always better to use reusable bags, but it’s the next-best-thing to at least recycle plastic bags. Keep them organized in your pantry by putting them in shipping tubes! Cost-effective and with a massive impact, keeping your plastic bags in shipping tubes can keep your pantry organized!

Shape up your plastic containers cabinet.

This is easily the worst part of any kitchen to organize – the plastic containers! You can never find a lid, nothing stacks well or fits together, and you end up using the same four containers on rotation because nothing else works. Fear no more! Simply re-purpose an office file organizer by hanging it on the inside of your cabinet drawer and keep your lids in it. This will make matching up plastic containers with their lids 10,000 times easier.

Let us know if you use these hacks! With just small changes and a little creativity, these organization tips will make your kitchen neater, your life easier, and time spent with your family sweeter! Using organizational hacks and a professional cleaning service gives you back your me-time! Call Maid Right today to schedule your first home cleaning.