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The Worst Cleaning Advice We’ve Ever Heard

The Worst Cleaning Advice We’ve Ever Heard

We’ve been in the cleaning business for a long time. And when you’re in the cleaning business for a long time, you hear a lot of bad advice.

  • “Windex cleans anything.” (It doesn’t and ruins computer and TV screens,)
  • “Use nail polish remover to remove permanent marker or sticky residue.” (Take it from us, this WILL RUIN whatever fabric has the permanent marker stain!)
  • “Pour water on carpet stains.” (This is ineffective and you run the risk of rotting the floorboards underneath the carpet.)

But the worst advice we’ve ever heard is: Do it on your own.

Cleaning your home is hard work! If you really want to clean the right way – no cutting corners or skipping baseboards – it is time-consuming work. “Do it on your own” is bad advice when it comes to cleaning for one simple reason: opportunity cost.

“Opportunity cost” is a phrase that economists use to describe the real “cost” of something. It’s more than just money spent; it’s what you gave up that is the real “cost.” When you spend time cleaning your own home, you may not be actively spending money but you are giving up something else.

The “opportunity cost” when you spend one hour cleaning your home could be: an outing with your kids to the park, “me-time” with a great book on the porch, date night with your partner, or even lunch with good friends. The “opportunity cost” can be pretty high! Your time is important; don’t let bad advice guilt you into wasting your precious time.

Trust the Maid Right professionals to clean your home while you’re out living your life. The same crew cleans your home every time which builds a deeper level of trust. They use color-coded microfiber clothes and eco-friendly techniques: all designed for a personal level of clean that you can’t get anywhere else.

So go ahead, make plans with your friends to meet up for book club or a round of 18 holes. Leave the cleaning to Maid Right and embrace your precious time.