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Your Guide to Spring Cleaning

Your Guide to Spring Cleaning

This is your ultimate guide to spring cleaning.

It’s that time of year when children itch to be out of school, when you trade your sweaters for shorts, when the snow melts, and the buds start to blossom. It’s finally spring! After a long, particularly harsh winter, the sweet, warm breeze of spring is calling. Along with the arrival of spring comes the urge to clean, sweep, dust, and scrub the layers of dust and dirt that months spent cooped up inside have created.

Maid Right is your local, neighborhood cleaning company that can help YOU achieve the spring-clean of your dreams! When you hire a recurring cleaning service, a team of cleaners is matched with your home so that you recognize and know the people cleaning your home on a regular basis. Our cleaners use a color-coded system to organize their microfiber clothes to make sure that you receive the highest-quality clean. In addition to our recurring services, we also offer unique, one-time cleanings, designed to fit life’s unexpected messes: move in/move out cleaning, post-construction scrubbing, post-party clean up, and many more.

While spring is a wonderful season for many reasons, it can also be a season of sniffles to those with allergies or those prone to spring colds. We suggest asking for not just a deep clean, but also a session with the Maid Right MR Shield machine. This incredible machine delivers hospital-level disinfection to your home for weeks to come, without leaving a stick residue. This is a great way to combat sickness in the spring, especially if runny noses are abundant.

In order to achieve the deepest-level of clean possible, follow our guide to spring cleaning to make sure that your home is free of the trapped, winter dust and ready to welcome the warmer season.

Start by decluttering your home

For instance, in order to really be able to scrub the corners, floors, counters, and other surfaces, our Maid Right cleaners need to be able to reach them! They will definitely be happy to help tidy up, but, to make sure that you get exactly what you want, it can be helpful to both them and YOU to take some time to declutter.

Decluttering is not the most fun so we will keep each task to a maximum expected time of 15-minutes. We suggest taking 15 minutes every morning or evening the week before your scheduled Maid Right deep spring clean. Step by step, your home will look perkier and perkier, just as the flowers bloom outside!

Monday:Hack the broom closet

This is a simple fact: if it’s hard to find your broom, you’re not going to use it. Take the first 15 minute declutter period to hack your broom closet with this clever IKEA idea. Gain some floor space by installing a removable, hanging hook and pop your broom, mop, and dust pan up on the wall. Take the next 10 minutes to install an IKEA spice rack on the back of your door and fill it with your cleaning sprays and soaps. With things in easy reach, you’ll be more motivated (or at least…less not motivated) to clean up daily spills and messes.

Tuesday: Office supplies = your friend

The kitchen counters might be filthy but you don’t really know because you can’t even see them. This is when office supplies become your best friend. Label the shelves with the name of each family member and easily slide documents like bills, school forms, mail, and more into the file sorter. Let’s face it – your kitchen counters function like an office for your household. Treat it like an office and organize it!

Wednesday: Mini Marie-Kondo

While we love Marie Kondo and her life-changing methods, we also realize that not everyone has the hours (and days!) required to fully clean your home in the Marie Kondo style. That’s why our alternative method, the “Mini Marie-Kondo,” is the perfect way to prepare for a deep spring clean. First, move all the clothes from the floor, the clean laundry baskets, and the chairs, to the bed. Whew. Take a break.

Next is the important part! Make space in your closet by hold each piece of clothing in your hands. You don’t have to take them off the hanger, just snag each piece of clothing and think about the last time you wore it. For example, if it has been more than a year since you wore it, if there are obvious stains or rips, or if you don’t like it, take it out of the closet and put it in a donation box. Now, hang up the clothes on your bed in all the free space in your closet!

Thursday: Save money with a clean fridge

This 15-minute task will save you money in the long-run! Empty the fridge and the freezer and put all the food on the counter. Wipe down the shelves and scrape away the extra icicles in the freezer. Then, throw away all expired food and wipe down any sticky bottles. Put everything back in the fridge and freezer, making sure to put food that will expire soon near the front. This will prevent bad smells and help you waste less food, saving money in the long-run!

Friday: Your Maid Right team arrives!

Now it’s time to take 15 minutes to just relax. No decluttering, no running around, take a nap, read a book, go for a walk. In fact, take more than 15 minutes knowing that your home is in great hands with Maid Right! Clean less, enjoy spring more!

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