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Fall in “Love” With Your Home All Over Again

Fall in “Love” With Your Home All Over Again

February can be a tough month. The thrill of a winter wonderland has turned into the mundane reality of shoveling polluted snow. The middle of winter is full of short days, weak sunlight and bitter temperatures, no matter where you are. February is the winter doldrums, in between the festivities of the New Year and the hope of spring. But maybe that’s why there’s a whole day, in the middle of February, in the middle of the winter, to remind us of the importance of love. So this Valentine’s Day, embrace the opportunity to shake yourself free of Jack Frost’s icy grip, and step into a pink reprieve.

In this love-filled break from the winter, take the opportunity to think about ways you can “fall in love” with your home, all over again. Here are some ways you can write a Valentine to your home this February. Maid Right is happy to play cupid for you and your home – give us a call today.

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

The age-old truism applies to not just human relationships. With all the day-to-day tasks that are required when caring for a home, keeping it looking great for years to come, it can sometimes cause a little resentment. Give yourselves a little space by letting Maid Right’s recurring cleaning service do the hard work for you.

Maintain a Healthy Relationship

Healthy relationships are the ones that build up both parties, that is generally nourishing and supportive. Keep your relationship with your home healthy by choosing a specialized hygienic cleaning service. Maid Right’s trademark cleaning service, MR Shield, leaves a thin antibacterial film for weeks to come, keeping you and your relationship with your home healthy.

Give Your Home Some TLC

Everyone wants the best for their partner – don’t you want the best for your significant other, your home? Maid Right professionals know how to best take care of your home, how to clean and shine her until she looks like new. Using the best products, you can trust Maid Right this February.

Take this opportunity to send a little Valentine to the home that supports, houses and protects you. Call Maid Right today (855) 957-1278.