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How to Organize Your Shoes

How to Organize Your Shoes

This is the bane of many people’s existences and it’s a problem that isn’t just for women. Men often have as many issues organizing their shoes as women do! Shoe organization can be a serious problem because out-of-control piles of shoes can really bring chaos to a closet or mudroom. As you know, Maid Right has your back on all sorts of issues.

From post-construction cleaning to vacation rentals and your weekly recurring service, we are always available to fit your needs. That means we also have organization tips to bring your way so that your house feels cleaner all the time.

Organize by color

This can sound a little crazy but think about it: when you get dressed in the morning you have already chosen a color-scheme for your outfit before you’ve picked out your shoes (unless of course, you plan your outfit around shoes and if that’s the case, kudos to you). If you organize your shoes by color, it makes it easier for you to narrow down your shoe choices until you find the pair that work perfectly for the day.

Protect your boots

Always dealing with your knee-high leather boots (that you stalked until they were on sale and then snapped them up) falling over and creasing? Simple solution: cut cheap pool noodles and use those to support your beautiful boots all year round (when you’re not wearing them of course).

Invest in a shelf

This may seem like a no-brainer but so many people just think they can get around this. A shelf for your shoes will 110% save you space and make you feel like an organizing genius. They’re cheap, ubiquitous and so easy to use. Even just two-shelves in an organization apparatus can make a difference.

Use hanging shoe pouches

Those plastic hanging pouches that go over doors are probably the greatest gift from the organizing gods. Not only do they organize your shoes but they also work for jewelry, scarves, kids' toys and craft supplies. Plus, they stay out of sight so guests have no idea how you manage to keep your home so tidy. (It’ll be our little secret!)

Make them smell great

And finally, even though they look visually tidy, do your shoes smell tidy too? We bet not! That’s why we suggest doing a little DIY. Buy a yard of cheesecloth and then cut into squares. Place dried lavender and a teaspoon of baking soda into each square and tie up like a sachet with a piece of twine. Place one sachet in each pair of shoes to absorb odors and leave your shoes looking (and smelling) great.