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Don’t Ruin Your Summer: Tips To Avoid the Summer Flu

Don’t Ruin Your Summer: Tips To Avoid the Summer Flu

You know what’s worse than getting the flu in the winter? Getting the flu in the summer. Here’s how to avoid the summer flu!

All the flu symptoms are terrible on their own – coughing, fever, aches, and pains – but the only thing that could make them worse is when they make you miss out on all the fun summer activities. You definitely don’t want to be stuck inside, shivering from a fever, while others are enjoying their porches and getting tanned. Plus having a fever when it’s already scorching outside…let’s just agree that the summer flu is the worse.

But don’t resign yourself to the possibility of getting sick! Be pro-active and take action with Maid Right. There are a few things that you can do to make sure that you are protected from the germs and bacteria that can cause a nasty summer flu.

Clean the refrigerator

Summer means heat. Heat means thing spoil faster. Even though your fridge should be nice and chilly (if it’s not…get that checked out), it’s still a good idea to take the time to apply some good ol’ fashioned warm soapy water to the shelves and bins to clean up any germs that might be lurking in the weird leaks and debris that often accumulates in the fridge. Take everything out, throw out the expired food, wash down the shelves, and put food back in. Our pro-tip is to arrange your food so that the food that needs to get eaten sooner is closer to the front – try to get in the habit of putting new food in the back of the fridge so you cut down on food waste! Yay no food waste!

Wipe down the air conditioner filters

This has very simple logic: the air you breath depends your health. What goes into your body, affects your health. With this in mind, make sure the air that’s blowing through your air conditioner system is clean. When the air conditioner unit is being used often, like it is during the summer, you should plan to clean out the filter every two weeks. This ensures that no build prevents the unit from functioning well and that the filter works great, keeping your air fresh and clean.

Disinfect and protect the surfaces of your home

Our proprietary MR Shield technology is not just for the winter; this disinfection system coats the surfaces of your home with ionized mist that disinfects and protects without leaving a sticky residue. This means that the treatment doesn’t just hygienize your home in the moment – it also continues to fight germs and bacteria after the treatment. This technique is the best bet to protect your family all season long from all types of ugly summer flu.

Life is too short and summer is too sweet to spend this wonderful season stuck inside cleaning! Get the best of both worlds, avoid the summer flu, and have a great summer vacation when you call Maid Right to back you up and hygienize your home.