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Move In/Move Out Cleaning

Move In/Move Out Cleaning

It’s that time of year! Forbes Magazine lists July and August among the top four best months to sell your home. During these months, the seller premium, the average amount above market value that a home sells for, is 3.8% for July and 4.2% for August. But time is short! Many families will stop looking at homes at the end of August because they want to be able to settle into a home before the start of the school year.

This busy time of moving in and out means that you need to have the best plan possible in place to make your move easy and smooth. If you don’t plan ahead of time, moving can become a hectic rush where things get lost, your new home isn’t well-prepared, and you may overlook important details.

One of the important things to plan ahead for is making sure you both leave your old house clean and you move into a hygienic home. It’s a good thing Maid Right offers specialized move in/move out cleaning!

Why is move out cleaning important

Move-out cleaning is an important part of your “staging” process – this is when you prepare your home to make it “move-in ready” and contributes to moving your home off the market ASAP (and putting more money in your pocket in the process!). By hiring a move-out cleaning crew, you can make sure that every detail in your home, from the base boards to your appliances, is sparkling clean. Want to learn more about staging and how it can put money back in your pocket? Check out the blog we just wrote about staging your home.

Why hire move-in cleaners

But the process isn’t finished once you’ve moved out of your home – you need to make sure not only that your new home is clean but that it is also hygienized. Maid Right move-in cleaning includes our MR Shield process that delivers hospital-grade hygienic cleaning. This technologically-advanced system doesn’t leave a sticky film but uses charged particles to stick to all surface areas, sterilizing and keeping them hygienic for days after the process.

These are just some of the things included in our specialized move-in and move-out cleaning process:

  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Wipe down baseboards
  • Dust all surfaces and fixtures
  • Clean kitchen appliances inside and out
  • Wipe cabinets inside and out
  • Clean sinks and countertops
  • Scrub toilets
  • Wash showers and bathtubs
  • Disinfect with MR Shield®

As with every Maid Right clean, each crew can customize their deep clean to match the specific needs of the homeowner.

This summer home-buying season, your best friend to keep the process from becoming overwhelming is Maid Right. Give your local Maid Right a call to prepare your home to sell or to create a clean and healthy environment for your family to move into.