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How To Host the Perfect Porch Party

How To Host the Perfect Porch Party

Host the perfect porch party with Maid Right! This time of the year is the perfect opportunity to fire up the grill, dust off the pollen from the outdoor tables, and invite your neighbors over for long summer evenings with cocktails, mocktails, and burgers. Hosting on the porch or in your backyard can seem intimidating because of the bugs, lack of light, and complications moving everything outside. Don’t let these small inconveniences stop you from making the most of the weather! Follow our guide to have the perfect porch party.

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First, update your porch for a porch party!

If the layer of pollen on your porch is really grossing you out, use our two-step process to clean up your porch. First, take a garden hose to generally wash down all the porch furniture and any surfaces covered in pollen. Then, mix a solution of warm water and dish detergent – using a rag, go over all surfaces to fully remove the rest of the pollen.

Next, make sure the guest bathrooms are in tip-top shape.

Even though your guests will be taking advantage of the warm summer evenings on your porch or in your backyard, they’re still going to come inside at some point! Set up a Signature Clean Maid Service to prep your home so that when you guests arrive, you don’t have to worry about a thing – Maid Right will take care of it for you!

Focus on soft lighting.

The best thing about summer is how long the days are! But when evening does finally creep over your porch party, don’t ruin the quiet, intimate mood with harsh floodlights. Opt instead of outdoor string lights, big lanterns, and plenty of candles! If you have space, put up some torches with citronella oil – these inexpensive but unique accessories really add a different element. Not only will these soft lights create a quiet environment, but, if you combine with citronella candles, you’ll keep the mosquitos away.

Get creative with seating.

A limiting factor in hosting a backyard shindig is often the outdoor furniture. It can be expensive to invest in furniture and then a hassle to keep it clean. We suggest going a creative route. Invest in a couple plastic chairs (easy to clean!) and then head to your local thrift shop to pick up colorful but old tablecloths. Drape these over the plastic chairs and on the ground to create colorful seating that you can use over and over again.

Be kind to the planet.

Skip the mountain of plastic that builds up when you use disposable plates and cups! Opt instead to invest in colorful reusable plastic plates that can be quickly washed and reused without the fear of breaking or scratching when being used outside. Bundle forks and knives into colorful cloth napkins to make it easy for guests to snag with one hand while balancing food and drinks.

Build your own food bar.

This little trick is not only fun for guests but takes stress out of preparing for them! Instead of serving prepared meals, set up a “food bar” with the ingredients to make bruschette, sandwiches, tacos or nachos. Have the ingredients set-up along a table and let your guests mix & match as they want.

Save the clean-up for someone else.

The worst part about throwing parties is the clean up! Skip this with a special one-time cleaning from Maid Right. When you book a one-time clean, you can enjoy your party knowing that someone else will take care of the mess.

Allow yourself to enjoy your family, your friends, and the wonderful summer weather by following our perfect porch party tips! Call Maid Right today to kick off your summer entertaining by throwing the perfect porch party.