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How To Organize For a Road Trip

How To Organize For a Road Trip

If you organize for a road trip the RIGHT way, you can enjoy your summer vacation without the stress! Organize the MAID RIGHT way!family in car

Summer is a time to spend with family and friends, filled with fun vacations and great memories. The Great American Summer Road Grip is a staple in almost every family but it doesn’t always end up great – fighting kids, car-sick dogs, and traffic can really ruin the fun of a good old fashioned road trip.

That’s why Maid Right is here with our best organizing tips for your summer road trip! We are dedicated to making our clients’ lives easier, no matter if they’re at home on on the road. These simple tips sets your family, and your road trip, up for success.

Make a mesh bag only for the car with necessities.

Save your shoulder and your purse the hassle of toting around all the essentials. Never worry again about making sure you have all the small essentials when you hop into the car – just keep it all there! Pack a mesh bag with the essentials like tissues, an extra phone charger, hand sanitizer, $20 in cash, games, snacks unaffected by heat (no chocolate!), and plastic bags. Leave the mesh bag in between the seats or in the glove compartment and thank yourself the next time you’re twenty minutes into a five-hour car ride and your children ask for a snack.

Pack a backpack for each child with brand-new games, machine-washable markers, and toys – they only get to open the backpack once you’re on the road.

This takes a little bit of preparation but will be worth it when your children spend hours happily sorting through their backpacks. Giving them something new to look forward to makes the car ride go quickly.

Avoid the mess with a trash “can.”

Things can get messy in the car! Keep it (relatively) tidy by always traveling with a trash “can.” Put a command hook on the right-hand side of the front console and hang a paper gift bag with a plastic liner. Easy, stays-in-place, and totally necessary.

Put silicon cup liners into the cup holders.

The bottoms of the cup holders can get icky very fast. A simple hack to prepare for a long road trip is to put silicon cupcake holders in the cup holders – they can be easily removed and rinsed down instead of staying sticky (and attracting ants!) for weeks.

Stash a plastic bin or box with first-aid kit and extra change of clothes in the trunk.

You can literally never be “too” prepared when traveling with kids! Organize a plastic bin to put in the trunk of your car with a first aid kit, an extra change of kids’ clothes, bottled water, and more snacks. If you’re stuck in traffic or can’t find a place to stop, this bin will definitely come in handy!

Go forth and enjoy the summer traveling with Maid Right by your side! Just as we alleviate your stress through our tips to organize for a road trip, we can also take the stress out of cleaning your home.

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