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You Need These Small Steps To A Clean Home

You Need These Small Steps To A Clean Home

“Cleaning your home” can sound like an overwhelming task. It conjures up images of mops and buckets, monster-looking vacuum cleaners and Saturday mornings spent cleaning. You don’t have the space to handle one more thing in your already-packed life! So make an action plan:

  • Call(855) 957-1278 to schedule weekly Maid Right cleanings – we keep your house feeling like home and take the stress of your shoulders!
  • Take these small steps during the week to make your house feel cleaner overall.
Tip #1: Make your bed every day

This can seem like a silly detail but making your bed can make your whole home feel so much cleaner with very limited effort. It takes less than five minutes to completely transform the overall feeling of your home. Tuck the sheets in, fluff the pillows and be prepared to come home at the end of a long day and be able to completely relax. Nothing feels better than a well-made bed!

Tip #2: Before you take out your trash, do a quick scan of your fridge for any moldy, expired foods

This task takes less than a minute! But the payoff is huge. Regular clearings help prevent rotten smells and icky spills that can cost you much more time to clean up and clear. Simply doing a quick scan of the fridge makes upkeep easy.

Tip #3: Wipe the bathroom sink and counters daily

Leave the deep cleaning to Maid Right but in-between cleanings wipe down the counters and the sink with a quick wipe. This clears the stray hairs and toothpaste globs that make your bathroom seem dirtier.

Tip #4: Make the dishes less daunting by soaking the pots before you sit down for dinner 

Clean smarter, not harder! Throw your pots and pans into the sink before you sit down for dinner. Giving them time to soak with a little grease-fighting dish soap makes cleaning up a breeze after dinner. (Or of course, make the kids do it!)

Call Maid Right today to schedule your weekly cleaning. Taking these small steps to keep your home feeling bright and shiny all week long until your Maid Right cleaning can come help make your house feel great again!