Bed bugs won’t leave you alone? Try this one secret weapon.

Bed bugs won’t leave you alone? Try this one secret weapon.

Bed Bugs are (unfortunately) a common household pest. Getting bed bugs can be a real nightmare, especially if you try to shield your family from chemicals. Cleaning your home and getting rid of pests can be hard if you prefer eco-friendly alternatives. Fortunately, you don’t have to compromise professional-grade cleaning and being eco-friendly! Maid Right offers eco-friendly cleaning services so that you can keep your family safe from chemicals, your home super clean, and the environment healthy.

But what about getting rid of pests? It’s not as easy to find an eco-friendly pest control service! Try our eco-friendly pest hack to keep your home clean and comfortable.

Use diatomaceous earth to kill bed bugs.

According to the National Pesticide Information Center, diatomaceous earth is actually the fossilized remains or tiny organisms called diatoms. There are large deposits of diatomaceous earth, all made up of these fossilized remains. This kind of earth isn’t toxic but it does cause insects to literally dry up by absorbing their water – a process that is sped along by the spiky edges of the diatomaceous earth particles that literally cut the exoskeletons of insects.

How does diatomaceous earth take down the bed bugs?

It literally dries them up. The earth clogs the spirals on the abdomen of the bed bugs that they use to breath and then dries them up. Several bed bug websites suggest using this non-toxic powder all over your home to kill the little demons.

While diatomaceous earth isn’t toxic, it is still strongly recommended to wear a mask while applying it and avoid contact with skin and to not digest it. We suggest doing your own research before deciding to use diatomaceous earth in your home as Maid Right is not responsible for issues that might occur from using this in your home.

Have you tried any other eco-friendly ways to kill bed bugs? Let us know!