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How Get Out Fruit Stains

How Get Out Fruit Stains

There’s nothing better than biting into a big juicy strawberry with its tart sweetness. It is so unbelievable refreshing to pop raspberries and blackberries into your mouth and there is nothing that parallels the sticky satisfaction that comes from eating an entire mango.

As the spring slowly but surely turns into summer, the prospect of eating these delicious fruits comes ever closer. Indeed, fresh, juicy fruit is one of the highlights of the summer! From bushels of peaches to baskets of blueberries, the summer is abundant with delicate and scrumptious fruit choices.

But along with these lovely gifts from Mother Earth comes the inevitable problem. JUICE STAINS! They’re a real pain, especially because in the hotter months we’re often wearing white to ward off the heat. Nothing better to show off your blossoming strawberry stain across your chest than a crisp, white linen shirt!

Fortunately, Maid Right is here to help! We’re the experts in all things “cleaning” related – from how to get your home sparkling clean to how to protect the health of your kids – and we’re here to save you from the hassle of fruit stains.

This only works with natural fruit stains and should be done as soon as possible after the stain occurs.

Step #1

Grab an old bath towel. This is important because you want to make sure the color won’t bleed!

Step #2

Boil a pot of water. The best way to do this is in a kettle because it makes it easier to pour (spoiler alert!) but if you don’t have a kettle that’s ok too. Just make sure to put the water in a pitcher that is easier to pour and won’t spill out in all directions.

Step #3

Place the bath towel directly underneath the stained area of the item of clothing. It helps to position yourself near or over a sink because things will get a little wet.

Step #4

(Be careful with this step – you could burn yourself if you’re not careful!) From a height, pour the almost-boiling water directly onto the stain. This doesn’t have to be too high but from about head to waist should be the approximate height. Make sure to stand back so you don’t splatter yourself with boiling water.

Step #5

Repeat until the stain has (incredibly!) disappeared.

Step #6

Wash the item of clothing as you normally would.

Voila! Never worry again about aggressive blueberry stains on your favorite white dress or if the kids get little rambunctious eating strawberries,. Maid Right has your back.

For a deeper or routine clean, call Maid Right today. We can give you tips to deal with small messes but leave it up to us to take care of anything more difficult.