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How To Get Mold Out

How To Get Mold Out

OOPS! You neglected your sweaty workout clothes in that pile at the bottom of your closet and now they have a persistent, lingering mold smell! Or, you let your pile of slightly-damp dishtowels go unwashed for one day too long. Whether you have a problem with a bad odor or, even worse, unsightly mold patches on your favorite dishtowels, Maid Right is here to save the day.

The first and best way to get mold stains out is to prevent them.

There’s also a second method for getting read of mold is highly effective but could also cause serious problems if you’re not careful. Bleach can be a gal’s best friend or her worst enemy. There’s two variations for this method. And of course, only use bleach-safe fabrics. Test a small portion of your fabric to see if it leaches color and don’t leave any fabric for too long soaking in bleach.

Leaving wet clothes in the dryer for too long or keeping sweaty or damp clothes in a “to wash” pile for weeks on end are recipes for disaster! Set yourself up for success! To make sure you don’t forget those clothes in the washer – it’s super easy to, do so amongst all the other things on your chore list! – set an alarm on your phone with a special laundry-themed ring. And for that pile of clothes or towels, get a hamper with a stable frame. Then, hang slightly damp clothes or towels over the hamper’s edge so they dry…and trying have more regularly laundry cycles so nothing gets left in the hamper for too long.

But if you do end up with mold, here are three ways to get rid of it.

Bleach Method A:

  • Start your washing machine with your mold-riddled clothing as you normally would.
  • Once the machine has filled with water, pour in a cup of bleach and let the rest of the cycle run.
  • If you see that the fabric color starts to fade, remove immediately and rinse thoroughly.

Bleach Method B:

  • Soak clothes in a solution that is one-part bleach to two parts water.
  • Leave for no longer than three hours.
  • Wash normally.

However, if bleach worries you too much, substitute vinegar for a gentler but still-effective mold-cleansing formula.

Now, for the third method! The third method is with a substance called Borax, also known as sodium borate, which is a natural alternative to harsh chemical formulas. Just make sure to use it has prescribed on the box so you avoid any risk of injuring yourself.

To use Borax to get rid of mold stains, dissolve half a cup of it in a cup of very hot water and add to the washing machine during its normal cycle. This method is most effective for getting out mold smells.

But don’t worry, there’s no task big or small that Maid Right can’t handle! Give us a call to help you handle your everyday messes: (855) 957-1278.