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Boo! Cleaning horror stories to tell in the dark

Boo! Cleaning horror stories to tell in the dark

With Halloween right around the corner, people everywhere are gathering together in the misty evenings to tell creepy, crawly and downright scary stories. Maid Right, your local cleaning company and maid service, loves this time of the season and we have our share of cleaning horror stories up our witchy sleeves. So gather ‘round and read on…but only if you dare!

The Tale of the Mysterious Stench

Lizzie left work a little bit later than usual on Tuesday afternoon. Her colleagues had all left and she was so deep in concentration that she didn’t realize she was alone in the office until she looked up and was surprised to discover that everyone had gone. By that time, the steely November sky was blocking any of the sun’s final escaping rays as it sank beyond the horizon. Lizzie turned to lock the office door and a chill wind snuck through the gap between her coat and her neck, making her bristle with cold and the faint wisp of apprehension.

Her heels clicked loudly as she briskly approached her car sitting alone in the parking lot. Lizzie glanced over her shoulder quickly as she slid into the driver’s seat and hastily locked the doors. The wind down her back and given her a chill and the unpleasant sensation of something right behind her – she couldn’t stop glancing in her backseat, even as she pulled onto the highway and towards home.

The feeling of being followed hadn’t left her by the time Lizzie was turning her keys in her side door. She slipped off her shoes and began turning on all the lights in her home. The grey day had turned into a dark night. Lizzie shivered as she worked her way through her living room and into her bedroom.

But as she took off her jacket to hang in her closet, Lizzie felt the hair on her arms rise.

Something wasn’t right.


The stench was putrid and wafted through her bedroom as Lizzie hurriedly began sniffing. What could the rot be?

Not finding the source in her bedroom, Lizzie moved through the living room, stooping to sniff under the couch or around a corner, trying to find what was causing that awful smell. She eventually found herself creeping into the unlit kitchen, tense as a cat, unsure of what she would find.

Lizzie flipped on the switch and moved as if in a trance toward the refrigerator. Her hand stretched out, trembling, Lizzie slowly opened the door.

Sitting on the third shelf in her fridge was a horrid, stinking, bubbling wheel of soft cheese that she had bought over a month ago.

Disgusted, Lizzie slammed the door shut, ran straight back to her room, and called for help. The next day, her Maid Right cleaners came and put everything back in order, including removing the lingering stench from the rest of Lizzie’s home.

The Strange Coworker

Ichabod hadn’t slept in days. His insomnia was slowly dominating him and he felt his life turning upside down, just as his days and nights melted into one another.

Ichabod’s co-workers noticed his increasingly disheveled appearance, his bloodshot eyes, his irritability, and, his constant mumbling under his breath. Strangest of all, his fingers looked raw and the tips of his fingers bled.

“Scrub, scrub, drip, drip,” he mumbled to himself in a sing-song way, all day long.

One day after work, Bev his coworker dropped by with a casserole to make sure everything was ok. She hesitated as she knocked on the door of his home and was startled to find it already partially open. Bev slowly pushed open the door and found Ichabod crouched, furiously pounding on the ground. She gasped as she looked around to see clothes strewn about, food covering the counters, and now a deranged Ichabod hunched on the floor.

Hearing her gasp, Ichabod whipped around and rushed at Bev, roughly clasping his hands over her mouth. Before Bev could say anything else, Ichabod desperately whispered “Shh!!” and motioned for her to follow him.

Unsure of what else she could do, Bev timidly followed Ichabod as he crept through the kitchen and down a hallway. He cracked open a door and wildly motioned Bev to look. Not knowing what she would find, she cautiously leaned toward the door.

There, in the room, was a fast-asleep toddler.

With the rush of understanding, Bev left the grateful Ichabod the casserole and went back to work. His co-workers all chipped in to buy Ichabod a special deep clean by Maid Right so he could have the house back in order by the time his wife returned from her business trip.

It Came From Under the Sink!

Mold crept out from underneath the sink, ignored day after day, feeding off of the moist droplets of water that fell to nourish it. As it grew, spreading its spores and leaving long fuzzy black tendrils along the wall, the family of the home with the sink grew steadily more ill. First it was a succession of colds, one child after the other complaining of congested noses and foggy heads. Then, it was hacking, body-shaking coughs that wouldn’t let go. Now, it was lethargy and an un-ending flu season that the family tried, in vain, to combat.

Just as the Mold’s plan was coming to fruition, as it’s long tendrils crept out of the darkness and reached beyond the confines of its ancestral home, Under The Kitchen Sink, the mother opened the door to its rotting, fetid cave and screamed.

The next day, warriors appeared. Warriors dressed in blue and wielding multi-colored rags, warriors that sprayed stinging fluid into the Mold’s darkest center, the very space where it’s heart would have been had it existed. The center where Mold had held its plans to infect the entire home and weaken the family into submission. The Maid Right warriors scrubbed all dreams of domination away, along with the silent screams of Mold as it dissolved and was swept away, never to return.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Maid Right! If you ever find yourself in one of these cleaning horror stories, you know who to call: (855) 957-1278for your free cleaning consultation today!