Healthy Kids Do Better in School

Healthy Kids Do Better in School

This is a fact: healthy kids do better in school. When your kid is healthy, they can go to school and really be present. They’re not distracted with runny noses and a rattling cough; they’re not missing out on precious class time lying in bed with a fever and a stomachache. Healthy kids do better in school simply because they are in school. Many studies have shown that school attendance can be a direct indicator of a student’s performance.

Science proves healthy kids do better in school

According to a study published in 2017, existing studies have already proven that class attendance can, to a certain extent, predict a student’s grades. In fact, attendance was a more important indicator in future grades than standardized tests, study habits and study skills. In addition, initial attendance is an important predictor of attendance throughout the year.

The actual study conducted by Andreas Bjerre-Nielse, Enys Moneys, Sune Lehmann and David Dreyer Lassen charted this correlation with students at a university in Denmark. The study shows that attendance can be an indicator of whether or not a student will pass their class, though it is not the only deciding factor.

A further implication from the study found that people who had high attendance tended to clump together. In other words, if your friends are going to class, you’re more likely to go to class too.

Now, what does this study have to do with your home? It means that doing your best to keep your kids healthy can have a direct effect on how well they do in school. Setting them up for success means creating a healthy environment where they can weather the storm of flu season and continue attending classes. That’s why Maid Right is your and your child’s best friend this school year. With our specialized EnviroMist technology that sanitizes your home and creates a last germ-fighting shield, you can set your kids up for high achievement in school. Make sure they are where the learning happens; make sure you trust your family’s health to Maid Right.